Event #58: Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well, as Nuttah suggested and promised, last night Bob had his first “History Lesson”.  Now remember, the possibility of learning his history had been proposed the night I supposedly had my first kind of “trial-run” back in time, at the end of April. It didn’t happen that night. I don’t know if it will, but I am trying, at least mentally, to stay open to the idea. That was back on April 25, so this is now roughly 2 weeks later. Neither of us had ANY idea (well, how could we?) how this was going to go. My impression, and I don’t really know why, was that he would be reliving it. My rationale was that if he can be taken back to 1600, then why on earth not any era?

Bob's frantic, scribbled writing after reliving history 20,000 years ago

But instead, he was shown visions of it. I can say that casually because I was not the one being shown the visions. But the picture that I have included here shows Bob’s completely “freaked-out” writing when the lesson was finally over. Bob was really unnerved by this one. It took everything he had seen/experienced thus far to completely new levels. And he was scared out of his mind.

The “event” happened in the sweat-lodge of Nuttah’s clan. It was Nuttah and the 2 elder-gents that are always there now also. Bob somehow knows that one of the elder gents is not from Nuttah’s clan: he comes from a nearby place, and he is specifically there to assist with these events. His expertise is apparently superior in whatever it is that is going on. The 2 wolves were outside of the lodge; Bob and the others were inside. The elders were rhythmically drumming on what Bob described as kind of a long board. Bob did not focus too much on what went on in the sweat lodge, but on what he was shown: the “History VISIONS”. The writings on the notebook shown here summarize his crude notes about what he was shown. As Bob translated and described to me what went on, I took notes and have included them below.  I will translate Bob’s hastily written, freaked out writing, right after he came off this experience. Here is how it reads, because in the unhinged state he was in writing it, it’s not very clear:

My notes as Bob described the history scene

Teme (the wolves), sweat lodge, two elders
15,000 – 20,000 (years ago)

And what Bob described in this sweat-lodge “history lesson” was being “shown” the migration, the movement of the Native American people from Siberia or China, literally WALKING across to this land, using the Bering Strait when it froze over in the winter. He was “shown” the mammoths, HUGE animals, the size would freak us out even today; and watching the people hunt one and take it down. Bob was in total awe of this experience, he could not believe what he was being allowed to “see”, in this sweat-lodge ceremony, the rhythmic drumming by the 2 elders, looking back in time 20,000 years ago.

And here is my translation from the notes I took while Bob and I talked about this incident that night:
Bob: “This is the weirdest thing I have seen yet, this ‘history lesson’. I was shown how they came here, they literally walked here from China”. I was given these visions – shown visions by the 2 elders, who were somehow able to facilitate the whole thing. We were going back in time through THEIR history, it was 15, maybe 20,000 years ago. I was shown clear flashes of the migration, from the steppes of China or Siberia and across the Bering Strait. It was shown to me in these long panoramic views, as if I was in an Imax theater, but it felt like I was “there”. Before it all started they warned me what I was getting into… They had this sort of “pounding board”; this board that they did this rhythmic drumming on; it was kind of like what I think of in our day as “drumming circles”. There were these incredible herds of just these HUGE mammoths, and these humongous birds; creatures of a size that we just don’t have anymore. And there were flashes of hunters taking down these mammoths; the guts they must have had to do this, it was man against these enormous killing beasts, and they just hunted them like we would hunt deer today. Surrounding them like a pack of wolves would do, and bringing down an enormous beast. Then there were scenes of a migration of thousands of people across this incredibly barren land, there was literally nothing there; many of them died, but somehow, some of them made it across. Finally there was a signal from the elders in the sweat lodge that they thought I’d had enough, a hand signal that it should stop. I think they knew that I couldn’t take anymore. I was exhausted, freaked out, in awe of these incredible “scenes”, these things I was “shown” – somehow, of how they came to be in North America. Just incredible. I don’t know how any of that happened, I just know that it did, and I know why I was warned of what was about to happen. It was incredibly emotionally draining for everybody.”


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