Event #61-62: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tonight, when I came up to bed, the door to our part of the house was ajar. We keep it closed so Joe stays in that part of the house; that is his “territory”. That was just the first thing odd that I noticed. As I entered the room, I also saw two books laying out; one on the same table on the corner as before, however now facing toward someone entering the room, and not leaving it, and the other sitting on the little green rocking chair. Here is a picture. So before I went to bed, I went to my computer and wrote Bob an email so he’d get it in the morning.

2 Books laid out; one on corner table, the other on the green rocking chair

Me: Any explanation for the books? Door ajar? Seems like when she’s around and you are fishing, that she picks out fishing books to put in your path. Although maybe there is a message that I’m missing there? By the way, did you put your slippers in your closet on a shelf a couple shelves up? I had this thought today that sometimes she might think we are dense beyond belief. Signals and cues we miss perhaps? Or at least that I miss?

Reply from Bob: I didn’t put them on a shelf. I put them in the bottom of the closet awhile back. Had a mini-trip at about 9:50 last night. Nuttah and the elder gents streamside. The elder joint that is not from the clan said something to me “ela or ila or ile” something along those lines. Interesting because they don’t generally converse so directly. Nuttah was very adamant last night about her concern for me and not wanting to lose me again. She doesn’t appear to be as sad, just concerned. The slipper stuff I have no idea about, she may think the little pads on the side are cool and she wants them. Who knows.

And me:  Ok, I just looked that up. I had this thought last night when you were telling me about that meteor: I think that it might have been there just for you. In other words, either only you saw it, or it was a display for you. Or both.  Might explain the slow speed, and “landing” in a suburban neighborhood with no ill effects. Ila means “warrior”. But there is kind of an additional twist, in that a “warrior spirit” also means the same as comet or meteor.

And from Bob: Fuck, that just sent shivers through me. WTF. Is nothing in my life just normal shit! This is just beyond my ability to comprehend. Fuck!

Me: the books that were out this time were the “Art of Angling” again, and “In the Ring of the Rise“. Both have pretty good fish graphics on them, the “Ring” book I’m pretty sure was buried in amongst the books on the shelf towards the edge.

Bob: Maybe Nuttah is telling me my technique sucks and I should read these books!


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