Event #63: Saturday, May 15, 2010

There were a couple of things moved about the bedroom during the day on Saturday, and Bob told me as we were working outside that “she is there now”. I went up to see if I could “sense” that, but I think she was already gone. I did find the little angel turned toward Bob, and also, the small metal heart-charm was on his bedstand, with the end pointed toward him. I hung around for a bit, but sensed absolutely nothing. Earlier in the day though, I had asked Bob about Thursday night. I had trouble getting to sleep, and was up around 1, and I think Bob was too. I had the usual weird feelings, and when I asked if she’d been there, he told me she had. That she was just sitting by the side of the bed with her hand on his arm. So maybe I can pick it up. By the way, those weird feelings usually make me feel like I might be getting sick, but this time there was an added twist; I felt a “swirling”, kind of a motion sensation that made me feel like if I concentrated on it, or “went with it”, as it were, that it might crank up and go faster, and that maybe?, it’s the beginnings of the time travel. Or is it an out-of-body experience?


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