Event #64: Thursday, May 20, 2010

WOW!, This is a first! Just like in the early parts of this blog of events, at some point there is a first time we are experiencing something. Like the first time something (the TV remote) moved. The first time Bob sensed the presence of a “being”. The first time he went “there”. The first history lesson. And now – another first. This “first” is that she brought something forth from her period and left it with us! We have one of her objects – well, she brought it for Bob, I should say. I came up Thursday night to get ready for bed. And, as I always do now, I looked toward the bureau; the corner where the little angel sits, and where the heart-charms sit in front of her. On numerous occasions, I have described the moving of the angel and the hearts, all of course pointing to or sitting next to Bob on his bedside table.

A special carved stone from "HER" time!

This time though, I couldn’t figure out what I was looking at. The silver heart charm was pretty clear; that sat on the corner, pointed at Bob, and it had been flipped to it’s “up” side – the side with a pattern on it. But behind it was something new, something I didn’t recognize. I peered at it in the dark. I couldn’t make it out. I picked it up and took it near the TV. Still couldn’t make it out. I turned on the light on the dresser. It was obviously a little stone, only about 1” x 1.5”, goldish, with some crudely carved lines in it. Deep scratches, but sharp and clear, like they’d never had time to get worn or smoothed over.  One was a deep-cut long “V”, the other looked like a sort of crude “N” or “H”. I flipped it over and on the back was what looked to me like an arrow, or maybe a star. Included here is the picture; the heart and the stone.

The Stone's reverse side


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