Event #65: Friday, May 21, 2010

And then in the morning, this was Bob’s email to me:
I took a mini-vacation last night. As is always the case, nothing Nuttah does or shows me is without significance. We sat by the creek last night, just her, teme and me, although I could see and hear the others behind us, it seemed to be for some time, but I know time is relative to the circumstance, so perception is, in this case, irrelevant. She motioned and spoke to me about her happiness that I was there and then brought up the meteor again. This time she showed me a stone she carved depicting the event. But it was not my event, at least, not this most recent event. It was one she and her father had together that had an apparently profound impact and significance to him personally and the clan as a whole. The stone was of emotional significance to both her and her father. Very strong emotions were imparted when I saw it. It was just a little stupey gold stone with very crude scratched lines depicting the meteor and lines indicating herself and her father. I didn’t get the full significance of the event, not because I couldn’t but because she determined not to tell all, yet. Another very interesting development is that I noticed last night, I am understanding what she says when she speaks, but now, like a dream, I don’t remember the words AT ALL when I return. No idea whether it is me or her doing something, I suspect both. I’ll write or tell more later, have manual labor to do. See you tonight.

And then my email back to Bob:
You’re not going to believe this, but she left the stone on the dresser. I came up and noticed the hearts moved, pointing at you, but on closer inspection, the one I thought was a heart, was not; it was a stone, just like you described. I don’t know if you saw me turn on the light at the bureau to see it better. I did not interpret the one scratch as a meteor, but one roughly looked like an “N”. I thought it was her initial. There is something on the back as well. I’ll take a picture and send it to you, but I guess you don’t really need it; you’ve already seen it. I thought that was a new twist: her objects being left in the room. Now I know what that was about. Was it clear that your meteor sighting was an “event”?

A special carved stone from "HER" time!

And Bob sent this to me:
Send a picture, don’t lose the stone! That would be unbelievable! Yes, it is an event beyond doubt. What you perceived as an “N” is two stick figures joined. The taller stick being her father, the smaller her, hands holding between.

And again, I will insert this amazing picture of a stone she brought forth to our century in 2010 from when… 1615 AD?


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