Event #66: Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well, yes, it’s been awhile. I will confess, we were both getting worried. Something happened, which I can’t really get into, and we thought we might have stopped the activity somehow. I kind of knew in some part of myself, that if all these events were as portrayed above, it would not just “end” like this. So we just waited.
I looked every night at the bureau; at the hearts and the stone and the angel, and nothing at all had changed. I put the daisy chain bracelet out; nothing. I was worried. Bob was worried. It’s been more than 10 days, the longest time between “events” yet. So tonight I was a little “heartened” (no pun intended) to find something on the bureau (and elsewhere) had changed. The first thing I noticed was that the stone was missing. The second thing was the daisy chain was formed into another heart. I screwed it up already. The angel was at a different angle. But WHERE was that special stone? My first thought was that she took it back. She had left it with Bob for safe-keeping and we hadn’t been totally safe with it (or so I thought). I looked around. It was not on Bob’s table. It was not on the bureau anywhere. I looked over at my bedside table. And there seemed to be something different on the base of my lamp. I couldn’t tell until I walked over there, but there it was: the stone – on the base of the lamp facing where I would be in the bed. Hmmmmmmmmm….

And here are the emails that went back and forth with us the next morning:
Bob to me:
I am not certain, but I think Nuttah may have been there last night. I was so exhausted I’m not sure if I was dreaming or if she was there. I hope she was actually, I am starting to worry. Just what I need, someone else to worry about.

And mine back to Bob:
Nuttah was there. She arranged the daisy chain into a heart, moved the angel a bit, and moved your special stone. At first I couldn’t find it, I was afraid that she may have taken it back with her because it was not on your bed side table. I looked around, and found it on the base of the lamp on my bedside table. I was getting kind of “worried” too, I guess is the word. Oh, one other thing that was amiss, and I wonder if you left it like this; the door at the top of the steps was closed tightly, as if the air conditioner was on. But the fans were on. Joe was with you.

And Bob’s email to me:
No, I didn’t close the door. That is not even easy to do, try it.
I’m glad she was at least there. I do worry about her. That is the only and most appropriate word.


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