Event #67: Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another night of “small events”. Well, at least so it appears. I may find out tomorrow that Bob had another history lesson, which is a “large event”. When I came up tonight, some things had moved. The angel is on the corner of the dresser, looking at Bob, the silver heart-charm is upturned in front of her. The stone is now moved to Bob’s lamp base this time. I expect there might be more explanation of something tomorrow, like there was communication of some sort. I did notice later that one other thing had moved as well, and I had to ask Bob if he had done it. We have this miniature Oaxacan Rabbit carving in the bathroom, and it sat on a little shelf where I keep my toothbrush. And it was moved to the top of the medicine cabinet, between the 2 bathroom lamps. However, we both agreed that we like it better there.

I haven’t really addressed the language thing lately. For awhile there, I had been looking up Lenape phrases and words to try and translate on a pretty regular basis. But something has happened with the communication. The best I can understand it from what Bob says, is that he somehow understands the language as it’s being said to him when he is “THERE”. Then he comes back and he totally forgets the words in Lenape, just the ideas that were imparted are remembered. Also, when he goes “there”, he is now able to speak the language. This might have been possible every time he “went”, but he just didn’t know it or try it.

And the emails on June 3:
Did you have a visit last night? Well, I know you had a visit, just don’t know if it went beyond moving objects around. Last night, the angel sat on the edge of the bureau, the silver heart in front of her, and the stone was this time on your side of the bed, on the lamp base. Anything else?

And Bob’s reply: I know Nuttah was there last night. I understood she wanted to “take a walk” but she understood I was exhausted. She was there when you came up at about midnight. She was by the bed on my side. I wonder what she thinks of air conditioning?

And my reply to Bob: She was there, huh. Boy, I don’t get a sense of that when I walk in the room. I might have had it earlier when I came up when I first got home. The stuff was already moved by then, so she must have been around. But I didn’t have a sense of her later – at midnight. How long was she around, or did you fall asleep? Apparently the A/C doesn’t hinder her access!


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