Event #68: Thursday, June 3, 2010

When I left for work today, I put all the things that she had “rearranged” the night before into a box on the dresser. That included the carved stone, the large heart and the small silver heart-charm. And then I added one thing. I went into my jewelry closet, and brought out a little turtle charm that I had left on the shelf in there. I put that in the box too with the other things on the dresser.

And now tonight, Bob tells me that there is another turtle on the dresser! It is, of course, not a real one, although that might not be that far fetched. It is a “stylized” turtle made by Nuttah. I will place a picture here in the morning, because it is just great. It is almost as if she thinks, “I see your turtle, and I raise you… my turtle”. Her turtle is made out of one of my beaded necklaces, the daisy-chain bracelet, 4 earrings as legs, and another earring as the tail. It IS a turtle. On the bureau. And she had to select and carry all that jewelry out of my jewelry closet in the bathroom and into the room. As Bob described it, “Joe is really freaked tonight”. I’ll bet he is! I can’t wait to get the picture. Tonight I did something else that I will have to explain tomorrow, as it is after midnight and I must get to bed. I finally did do that paper-doll thing I’d talked about before.

A Beautiful Turtle crafted from jewelry

So above is the little turtle display, and the angel that we have come to understand as Nuttah sits right in the center of the turtle. A green beaded necklace of mine is the body, the daisy-chain bracelet is the head, and 4 red/orange earrings are the legs, with a diamond-shaped earring with a flower in the center is the tail, all as above. It might not be obvious if you were just to glance at it, but given everything else, it is pretty clear that it is a turtle. The hearts and her stone figured into this display as well; and below I have included a wider view picture. On the far left circled in red are the 2 hearts, pointing towards Bob in the bed. The other smaller circle is her little carved stone, and then to the right of that is the turtle configuration. This is our “new” Craig’s list dresser with a fake marble top. It seems to make more of a “stage” than the last dresser we had.

Nuttah's "Angel" sits inside her "Turtle"

Before I left for work on Friday, I added my own version of the “necklace-turtle”. I used a turquoise beaded chain, a different diamond-shaped earring for the tail, a rubber band as the head, and 4 other earrings as legs. Also, I went downstairs to the computer and finally finished up the paper-doll characters I’d been working on. I took a template of an internet paper doll that I found – a boy and a girl – and I glued all of our faces to them from a picture that was taken of us at Christmas. The most recent one of all of us together. Basically, I made a little paper models of Bob, me, Kate and Stewie. Also, two wolves, and I found a really good picture of a sweat lodge, so I printed and used that as well. I made little paper stands, and then arranged our family on the dresser. The problem is, it’s been really hot lately, and when the A/C is not on, we have these 2 fans that blast air around the room; a window fan and a ceiling fan, and I couldn’t get the dolls to stay in place. I mulled over a solution, but it wasn’t until Monday that I implemented it.

Here is an email that I sent Bob the next morning, about the turtle:

I’m off to go photograph a turtle. Wobbles is going to be upset when I come out to the truck to get my camera and it’s not to get him. Turtle is quite cute by the way. Very original. I like the earrings she picked for the legs. And the diamond shaped earring for the tale… it’s funny to think of her looking over the choices on the jewelry door, picking them out and walking them over to the dresser and arranging them. I wish I’d been a fly on the wall. Or could see it through Joe’s eyes. Heh


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