Saturday, June 5, 2010

This was my first attempt at the doll family. In reality, so that Nuttah can recognize us, I have used photographs of each of us on the faces of our characters. However, for the purposes of this blog, I am using a [okay, I know it’s ridiculous] smiley face. I’ll have to label us too, I think. So here we are on the dresser:

Our "Character" family... with sweat-lodge, and tëme (wolves)

And my email to Bob about it: I thought you were going to tell me about a visitor, because I found all our characters arranged differently, but perhaps it was you.

And Bob to me: Wasn’t me, I know she was there last night but only for a little while. What was rearranged? When did you notice? I only know she was there after midnight.

Our characters were all facing up. I had left them the way they blew over, but they were arranged all up. That was what made me notice them. I must fasten them to something that won’t blow around. Rubber band them to rock bases or something. I noticed when I came up around 10:30 or so.


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