Event #69: Monday, June 7, 2010

Before I left for work today, I went down to the creek and found 5 chunky stones for the paper doll collection. Sunday night, I’d come up and found the whole blown-over family turned upright, so I knew she had at least looked at them and might find them interesting to work with. Well, she did. I rubber-banded each of the 4 characters that represent each of us and the 2 wolves to a chunky stone so that the fans in the room wouldn’t continue to blow them around. They were all pretty secure. Then the way I left them was this: Bob was on the far right, I was on the far left, Kate was next to me and Stewey next to Bob. The wolves were on the left, and the sweat-lodge on the right. I left her turtle there from Thursday, and she (the angel) still sat in the middle of the turtle. At least that is the way it was when I left. Tonight, Bob is on the far left and the wolves are next to him. In front of him is the carved stone that Nuttah left earlier. She sits in front of me, looking towards the bed as usual. Kate is still on my right, and then Stewey is the far right. I don’t think anything else had changed. I will add a photo here in the morning. It’s not hot tonight, it’s actually cooled down to the 50’s again.

The "Family" has been rearranged


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