Later Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This was Bob’s email to me about the words he had written:
Had a visit and a lesson last night. I spent time with Nuttah and Teme puppies walking a path along the creek. Wide open woods, very little under growth. She is, as best I can determine no more than 16. She was also still upset about our argument. It is important to her that we are together, as she put it, I think anyway, “in the long past and the long future”.

The long phrase has to do with forefathers, ancestors, history, something like that. She asked if I felt I could handle a “history”. I motioned and SPOKE that I will try a brief period.

The elder two were by the creek when we returned. They motioned a greeting and then went in the sweat lodge. I noticed it had more skins on it and the bark inside was large at the bottom and small at the top. Hard to see clearly. Very small amount was shown, as I requested. The crossing of this massive water was done in the winter when it froze, thousands of people were involved. Not all came and when crossed not all of them stayed together. Over time some split and headed south others went directly east. The way people survived conditions, and didn’t, makes you see how easy we have it now. I don’t know for certain where this took place, but I think it is Alaska and western Canada. You can’t imagine the beauty, but we wouldn’t last a week. It is remarkable how they traveled and adapted. Very determined resolute people. There was a reference to “others” by that I understood not Lenape, came by water routes. Not that I didn’t know this anyway, but if there was any doubt about the BS “Clovis first” belief there isn’t anymore. Getting too busy and too tired to write anymore. That was more or less it anyway, showing the hardship and determination. Many, many died. The meteor was mentioned in reference to me again. When leaving the old men said “I will see you again“. I understood that as clearly as I understand it now. Nuttah stayed outside the lodge this time. She seems so fragile at times, but she can’t be.

And my email back to Bob: Wow, this is exciting. I’m so curious about the history part, I wish I was seeing it too. I can’t even imagine what the scenery would have looked like.  Oh, by the way, another “literal” translation of “ilaonetu” is “warrior spirit“. And now that you gave me a frame of reference for that long word, here it is:

Lenape:    kikayuyëmënaninkahke
English:   our deceased ancestors or parents or forefathers

How do you get the spelling? Just by hearing it over and over? Also does her comment also mean that it is no accident that WE are together?

And Bob’s response:
The landscape, the flora and fauna are stunning, similar to now I guess, but no movie or pictures show what I am being shown; especially the animals. I suspect this is very long in the past. Much longer than our “experts” believe. I’ll bet there are major remains of settlements under the sea along all the coasts in Alaska, probably our entire coast line. You’ll get your chance to understand how I “get the spelling”. Yes, it is no accident we are together. Apparently a very long time.

And mine back to Bob: It would be interesting to find out how long ago this all was. Are you ever able to hover on something longer if you would want to? As in, “Let me see that again?” kind of thing? Or can you ask the elder gents questions? Off for my wobble with a wobbler. Missed it yesterday, he was so disappointed. Sat by the fence out there and stared in at me forlornly.

lapi knewëlch (can also mean “Goodbye“, but lit. is “I will see you again”)


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