Event #71: Friday, June 11, 2010

This one was so touching to me that I was beside myself. As soon as I discovered what it was I went running downstairs to bring Bob up to see it. We’d come home Friday night after meeting for a beer after work. We were on our way out again to go visit Leann. It was kind of late for us to be heading out, as it’s not normal for us to do that, but it was Friday night after all, and only about 8:30 or so. So I’d gone upstairs to grab a jacket, and the first thing that I noticed was the family had been rearranged slightly. My character had been moved forward. I was now standing in front next to Nuttah, or at least next to the angel character that we have come to think of as Nuttah, because she often uses it to represent herself, like the placing of herself inside of the “jewelry-turtle”. (Which I have left there, by the way, it’s just too cute to disassemble and put away).

A picture of common "Fleabane"

But in front of my character I noticed something else. Something that I did not immediately recognize, and I had to go closely peering at it to see what it was, and immediately I understood. She had brought me flowers! They must have been there all day because they were somewhat shriveled at that point, but nevertheless, it was a tiny bouquet of wildflowers laid at my feet, next to Nuttah. And behind me, in front of Bob, is the large stone heart that I have added to the collection, and on top of that was her stone with the carvings. I was curious as to what the flowers were; more curious to find out if maybe they’d come from “her” time. Wouldn’t that be interesting? One I recognized right away as flea-bane, I’ve included a picture here of what flea-bane is, but it’s not the ones that she brought. It is growing all over our yard right now, and the one that grows here has a slightly pinkish hue. The other was a tiny yellow flower, and it had shriveled so much that I could not discern what it was. However, this morning (it is now Saturday)  it occurred to me to try to resurrect them in a glass of water, so that’s what I did, and they sprang back. I was able to look the yellow one up in one of my wildflower identification books.

Nuttah brings me flowers

I have inconclusively identified it as “Black Mustard”, a type of garlic mustard I believe, and we found an example of it growing right outside by our shed. It’s definitely the same flower, but the ID in my books was kind of inconclusive.

And here is a picture of the little scene from the dresser. To take this picture, I am standing above the scene shooting down onto it, and you can see the crumpled little pile of wildflowers in front of me. I have a pink arrow pointing at the pile. And there we are: the little paper doll family, goofy dolls with each of our faces glued on them. To the right are the “tëme”, the wolves. She has not done anything yet at all with Stewey and Kate.


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