Event #73: Friday, June 18, 2010

The emails below talk about something that happened Thursday night.

Bob: Btw, not sure if I dreamed it or it was “real” but I think Nuttah stopped in last night.

4 characters on dresser plus the "Teme" or wolves

Me: Oh yeah, she stopped in. She placed her “angel” self between you and me. She put the silver heart on the corner of the dresser. Put the carved stone in front of the turtle. And this is the funniest one — yesterday I took two of the earrings to wear – the two back legs. And she went in the closet and picked out 2 new different earrings to replace the missing back legs. I notice the earrings she picks for the legs always have some red or orange in them. So when I took off  the earrings I was wearing last night I laid them in front of her feet. So she was just “there”?, No communication?

Included is a picture I took of that “event”. There she is, seated between Bob & me; there is a heart in front of her, and the “Teme” (wolves) next to Bob. And below is her revision of the “turtle”. She has added a tiny silver charm to the center of the green turtle, and the hind legs are the new earrings that she used to replace the ones I wore that day. I circled one of those in yellow to emphasize it. The carved stone is in front of the daisy-chain “head”.

The revision of "The Turtle" -- Note the addition of a different set of "back-leg" earrings


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