Event #74: Thursday, June 24, 2010

This part happened Friday evening, June 18, 2010: Things different tonight: The arrangement with Nuttah, Bob and me, the big heart and the silver turtle charm. I hope I took a picture because I don’t remember the entire arrangement now that it’s Monday afternoon.

Thursday, June 24, 2010
Tonight I went up after a meeting I had to attend after work. I sort of expected something, because lately, she often comes on Thursday. Also, it’s been awhile; almost a week if you go by previous posts. Bob & I have been moved (our paper-doll characters) as were the wolves (tëme). She moved herself outside of the turtle shape (she’d been inside), and put Bob & I behind her, and the wolves behind us. The large stone heart is in front of Stewie  & Kate. The little silver heart charm is on the corner of the dresser, where it often is, pointing at Bob, but as if the actual Bob was in the bed. I never had time to photograph it, but I drew (a very rough) sketch showing the configuration of where everyone was so that I could remember it. I couldn’t find the little carved stone. I looked all over the dresser in the dark, but it wasn’t there. So I checked Bob’s bedside table, and there it was; on the lamp base. And in the notebook on the side-table were some words.

Bob's words in the notebook, all English this time

I had left a piece of paper inside Nuttah’s “jewelry turtle” with the word “wanishi” on it. It means “Thank you” in Lenape. What Bob wrote in the notebook was that she did not initially understand that (they did not have written language), but that now she does.


“She didn’t understand
the word. She does
now. You can come
if you are open.
She is glad you
like them.”
(She/he meant the flowers)

I think Bob must have explained it to her, and then she was glad that I liked them – the flowers. That is what the “thank you” was for. Then there was something else. There was a statement that I could “go”, if I am open. I think that I am. I am certainly mentally open to the idea – and I feel excited that I could go… and I don’t know what else I should do. I guess that you can think something, like you’re ready to go, and then when the actuality of it is presented to you; Whoa! It’s pretty scary. But I’ve thought a lot about it, and I think I could do it. I want to see it there – then.

It was interesting tonight at my meeting, the head of the group was talking about the creek levels and the river levels, and everyone agreed that they are dangerously low right now, and here it is only early summer. And then he made a comment about how they used to jump off the bridge into the creek, and I have heard that too. I nodded and thought about interjecting the story a couple of local brothers have told us about bridge jumping, but what I was really thinking was; if you only knew how big this creek once was. If you only knew.

And then the email I wrote to Bob Friday morning:
When I came up last night, I saw the note and the characters switched around on the dresser. I could have sworn I was going on an adventure last night, because when I first laid down in bed, I kept seeing this swirling all around my table and the radio. It was like liquid motion — if you were awake, I would have asked you if she was there. Something was going on; I’m just not sure what. This was around 1 am. I was torn between being scared and fascinated by it. I didn’t know whether I should keep my eyes open, or close them and see what happened. My heart was pounding at a greatly accelerated pace. I calmed myself down, and eventually, I fell asleep, and don’t even remember a dream at this point. When this was going on, I was seeing these kind of strange distant visions, but I also was not sure that they weren’t just light-plays in the room with shadows, etc. With this swirling motion that I seemed to be observing, I could (imagine?) that it was smoke from a fire, and I saw the light that might also have been a fire. Anyway, it was weird. Can you confirm if she was there then? And what was your interaction with her that included finding out about the “thank you” note?


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