Event #76: Monday, June 28, 2010

The words boil down to "Oota Dabun Hurit" and Ktaholeh

Tonight, I came home to words in the notebook again. I’ve included a picture here. I put the search words “Lenape and Oota” in a search engine, and got the names below and wrote this email to Bob:

“I hope you slept well. Looks like it was a name lesson tonight. The words translated as below; not one name but two. How did she mean it? You are a Beautiful Day Star? Was there anything else? By the way, every night now I go to sleep with the mantra:  “I’m open“. Also, the liquid motion in my (closed-eye) vision appears to be there every night, so I’m wondering if it’s something that’s in my vision all the time? Anyway, here it is, the translation:

OOTA DABUN: Algonquin name meaning “Day Star”.

Oh, my God, WHY did it have to be OOTA????? Does it rhyme with Ute? That’s just too much. Please tell me maybe it’s a long “O” or something — (not likely, I guess).

and HURIT: Algonquin name meaning “Beautiful.

And Bob’s response: What it is, I think, is her given name, and yes, it is UTE! Nuttah, is her nickname, I am apparently the only one allowed to call her that in her group, or at least I am the only one that does. We are sticking with the nickname, but it is somewhat intriguing that there is another “coincidence”. Another thing is if you drop the “N” and “H” in Nuttah, look what you get. We just stayed alone along the water with the puppies. She just seems very happy to have me around, it doesn’t have to be anything special. Kind of an odd thing, but I guess if you are a complete orphan and you believe you were the cause of your only parent’s death, it makes sense she is happy that she can “bring them back”. Have to get out to the line again, my break b over. Slept well, just not long enough.
Ktaholel Awup
Somehow that phrase had more impact or something last night, not sure what it is, but it has such resonance and significance today.

My email to Bob: What phrase? The name she told you last night or “ktaholel awup”? And doesn’t it just figure that Oota would rhyme with Ute? She was right in delaying the unearthing of that name for a bit, don’t you think? And what a coincidence. How many people have we met in life named Ute? I hope she doesn’t figure into this whole scene in some way.

A side note here, because the above requires a little explanation: I have worked for a woman named “Ute” for about the last 12 years. Yeah… easily, 12 years. A long time. Her name “Ute” is pronounced: OOTA, but she is not Lenape, she’s German. We have, what I would describe to be a contentious relationship, me and my boss named “Ute”. Hence, my exclamation above: “Oh, my God, WHY did it have to be OOTA???” We are at opposite sides of any spectrum, and there will never be any place of coming together, except… that I work for her. That’s about all I have to say on that matter at the moment, except that this is just another one of many weird “coincidences”.

One other little side note: I’ve been keeping journals as these events have unfolded. I keep the journals in Microsoft Word, but for some reason I have to limit the size of each “section” to roughly 20 pages. I don’t know if it’s the size of the pictures, the length of the narrative or what, but if I go much beyond 20 pages, things start to get out of hand. So I have had to divide things into these 20-page chunks, and this post was just the end of the 3rd of those “chunks”. So, here we go… on to Part 4.


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