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July 29, 2010

Event #89: Thursday, July 29, 2010

Later Wednesday night:
She’s been here already tonight, so I go to bed thinking that I might have an experience. In the last post is a picture of what I found on the dresser. Nuttah was moved to the center of the turtle, and is facing the two of us. Two hearts and a turtle charm, stacked up in a pile were facing me, the small silver heart is facing Bob next to the wolves. I then put everything back as you see in the picture below:

I put everything back as in this picture

Then when Bob arrived home from work on Thursday he reported that he had come home to find the white heron perched on the wall; roughly where all of our “shell objects” had been found. That same night, when I went upstairs, Nuttah was moved to the other side of me, that stone “heart” that had been in front of me was moved to the front of Nuttah. I am now writing this on Monday morning, August 1, and things stayed that way all weekend. (I simply have to make or get some new paper characters for us…)

July 28, 2010

Event #88: Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I was outside this morning with the dogs; I think it was when I was bringing the littlest dog “Wobbles” back from our walk. Yeah, it must have been, cause Stewey wasn’t up when I had left. Stewey was in the yard playing with Duke, and I was doing… something… I think cleaning up the poop. And something on the wall caught my eye. I walked over and saw something in a beautiful shade of blue: an eggshell. Half of a little bird-egg, not a robin’s egg, but blue nevertheless; a shell (SHELL!) laying on the wall. Sideways, I think, or maybe the open side down. I picked it up and showed it to Stewey; he was as fascinated as I was, especially since there was kind of a breeze that had kicked up. How did something like that stay on the wall? It’s so light; a light breath could blow it off the wall. I took a picture of these items that we have found now on the wall, all of which qualify at this point as shells (and Bob was shown the shells they work with during his last “visit”). The scale of this picture is such that the eggshell would roughly cover a dime. So those little claws are tiny too – no bigger than a nickel, and they stayed on the wall for some time without blowing off.

Tiny claws & half a bird eggshell found perched on the wall

Below are excerpts from a couple of email exchanges back and forth about it:

From Bob, earlier on Wed:

Stewey just texted me that he found an egg shell in the same location he found the claws.

Then my answer back:
Yes, he did, and tonight, there is a change on the dresser: Nuttah is turned to face the 2 of us, and the silver heart is facing you, and 2 hearts are piled up to face me with the turtle-charm on top of the pile. I guess you had a visit… did you go anywhere?? Nothing at all happened to the miniature legs and the egg. I thought I heard voices as I pulled into our driveway tonight. Maybe it was just wobs barking. I think you should put them away when you go to bed… then I will let all out when I get home, and say a final goodnight. He barks too long too late.

And below I have placed a picture of the bureau arrangement that I described above:

Nuttah and all the hearts are turned to face us

July 27, 2010

Event #87: Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our son, Stewey, made a discovery tonight outside on the wall. It was on the old section of wall that had not been replaced. It is a very odd thing, not because of what they are, but because of where they are. It is 2 claws. Claws of a very small thing, like a crayfish – they look like miniature crab claws.

A tiny set of claws appear on the wall

But they were laying on the wall in a perfect configuration, as if they’d been placed there. They could not have been dropped by a bird and coincidentally landed so close to each other like that. It is almost certain that they were placed there. But why? Also, because they are so light-weight, they should have immediately blown off.  They have about as much weight to them as a dry leaf. Bob brought them in and put them on my desk. They are very small. Only about ½ inch to an inch long each, if you count the bend. They’re kind of an orangey-grayish-salmon color, like crab legs after cooking. I’ve included a picture here to the right. I wonder if this has something to do with “shells” – and Bob’s visit of Sunday night written in a previous post. I mean they are shells, of a sort…

My email about it to Bob: This is pretty interesting (claws), and defies any explanation, that I can think of. I did write it up as an “event”. I was out there with Stewey, and I noticed scratches on that old part of the wall, it could have just been the way the light was hitting it at night, but I was not sure if they were new or had been there. I’m completely disoriented this morning. Hoping for coffee to bring me around.

July 26, 2010

Later Monday night: July 26, 2010

We spoke tonight on the phone, and Bob filled me in on what specifically went on went he was taken “there” on Sunday night. He was shown the things going on that had to do with me, when I was alive. And that was the vision I was given; the garden scene. Bright, bright, sunny scene of green. And Bob was able to elaborate on some of the things he was shown and how they were being done. For instance, the bead work. They were forming the beads using crude tools, and used sand to grind things down, like sand paper. Then, to make the holes in the beads, a basic indent would be formed, and once it went through, a string covered with sand to cause an abrasive effect would be brought through it over and over to make the bead holes. There were shells too; used for tools, utensils, and also decoration and jewelry. Scooping tools as well. I apparently participated in all this activity. Bob did note that the women working on all these things seemed oblivious to his presence with Nuttah, or just paid no attention to them. I made some notes while this conversation was going on, and I have to see if there is anything else I should add. He did say the shells appeared to not all come from here; perhaps trading was going on with groups closer to the seashore. He also said he’d gone on a walk through their fields and an area to get to where the crops were grown, and it was bright daylight; only the second time he’d been “there” in the daylight. He commented specifically on the quality of the light; much brighter than we have now, more intense light. And that is what I had gotten in the vision that I saw – the intense bright light illuminating the green. While he walked along with Nuttah, he noticed wildflowers, grasses, weeds, and specifically said there was no plantain. He made this observation as the result of a conversation we’d had over the weekend about the presence of plantain here, due to a comment from my meeting from the other night. I asked Bob how long this “excursion” had taken, if you were to count things in “real” time. About an hour, hour and ½, he had answered.

July 26, 2010

Event #86: Monday, July 26, 2010

Words in the notebook July 26, 2010

Sunday night, I again found words in the notebook. This translates like this:
Well Wup (that’s my nickname), Looks like you
got some of what you want-
ed answered. (I think the heat/humidity drop has
something to do with this)
Enati, Anati, Anaty???
Nge (scribble) Ngehesa
Nk (scribble) Nkehesa

I took the notebook to the scanner, and then started to try to look up the words he’d written. The next morning, Monday, July 27, I wrote Bob this email:

Me to Bob: I think the best I could determine, was that the “anati” word means ‘Mom“. The reference I found for anati is very obscure; it was used in a novel. “Lenape for Mom” it said. The other word, which I guess is “nkahèsa” means “my deceased mother“. I sensed that she was there last night after you were asleep. It was around 11:30 or so (I think), and I think she might have been trying to communicate with me. Remember the night you jolted awake thinking you heard your name? Or you did hear your name called? I had an experience with a vision jolting me awake; it was just as I was drifting off, and clear as day, as if I was there; a brief, momentary, not even a second long flash of a scene came into my head. It was outdoors and VERY sunny; green, so much green, but other colors as well, maybe people, maybe plants; who knows — it was so brief I had no time to register anything but an impression of it, and the fact that I was just shown something. I don’t THINK it came from my own head, I have the clear impression at times of things (brief visions) being flashes of something that is transmitted. It reminds me a lot of the days I used to experiment with remote viewing. The visions come into my head in a similar way anyway. Maybe she uses that wavelength that today’s remote viewers tap into. Fascinating. Can you add any more explanation to the words on the page, and how it was conveyed? Does she know now that I know, and did you have to tell her, or does she just know?

And then Bob’s email back to me: As I got it, Anati is an endearing term for Mother, I told her that you know, more through thoughts and hand signal. I thought the word you said for “mother” sounded familiar, at least the first syllable was the same. She was there last night when I went to bed and I was almost immediately at “her place”; she couldn’t wait. I could sense her excitement. It must have some weather connection. I don’t know what, but the weather broke and off I went. We moved around the creek and up to the long houses. She showed me the scene of plantings she was going to try to show you, it looked like a squash, or beans. Field was surrounded by high trees, it was light when I was there, only the second time I have seen it in day light. Pretty wild.

Bob continues: She indicated her father came from a group north of here. Like northern NJ or NY, I believe. I asked her to tell me the name of her Mom, she looked very serious and looked away. Wouldn’t say name, I don’t know why. Have to repeat it was cool walking around in day light, very different impression from being there at night.

And my email back: I think that is what I got, makes sense now that you verify it. It was a super sunny bright scene, and I had the impression I was looking at plantings or crops, the colors that were not green were hot colors, like maybe some red, orange, yellow. Brief vision though, too brief to try to analyze anything except an impression. Is that what I did when I was alive there? Does the scene of plantings have something to do with me specifically, or just part of their world? Remind me what the other time was that you saw it  in daylight. Well, got to go get ready. Fascinating new turn of events, but not entirely unpredictable.

And then Bob’s email back to me: That appears to be one of the things, along with beads and shells you/she liked working with. Not that there was much choice. The crops looked like red beans and yellow to yellowish squash, I think. That is why she showed you the fields, it is what you did. The other daylight visit was with our current puppies, that was exclusively by the creek. Back to work, long day ahead.

And my email in response: Beads! It figures… I’ve been attracted to beads my whole life. (This current life anyway) Even made those Indian loom bead things as a kid. Isn’t that funny… and you with the wolves. Is there nothing that we make a choice about?

And then Bob’s email back:
I’m just glad I am not alone now. I still get a bit concerned about sanity.

July 25, 2010

Event #85: Saturday, July 24, 2010

I have to try to remember how this conversation went with me & Bob on the river. We were tubing on Saturday, it was ridiculously hot, and we’d brought 3 beers apiece to drink. Summery stuff, but beer nevertheless. We brought an extra tube just to carry the beer cooler. So I don’t remember if it was after the 2nd or 3rd beer. Probably the 3rd, cause we were both really feeling it. And I also don’t remember now how it came up. Maybe Bob does. He can sometimes recall conversations better than I can, especially if I’ve had a couple drinks.

I think what happened is that I was asking questions about “her” relationship with her Dad, and I think Bob started to talk about what had happened the last time he “went there”. That was the time he learned that “he” had only had one mate his entire life and that had been Nuttah’s mother. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in any of the previous posts (I don’t think I have), but for awhile now, Bob has known that Nuttah’s mother died giving birth to her. So Nuttah never knew her mother, and had an especially close relationship with her father as a result of being motherless. Even after Nuttah’s mother died, “he” had never again taken another mate. It was years later that HE died, rescuing Nuttah from drowning, but he never took another wife in all that time. And Bob got the impression from this information being imparted by Nuttah, that this was very unusual in their culture/clan.

So after divulging this information, Bob continued:

“And she told me that I am that way in my current life, and apparently WE have been together for a very long time”.
“What do you mean? I asked through the beer haze.
“I mean we have not only been together in this life, at this time…”

It wasn’t really immediately clear to me what Bob meant, so I pressed on.
“So we’ve been together as a couple before – in another life?” It was suddenly dawning on me what he might be inferring. Could I be involved in this past-life scenario too?
“We have not just been together as a couple in this life”, he said again.
“Were we together THEN?” I wondered.
“Yes”, was Bob’s response.
“We were together as a couple ‘then'”?? me again, dense.
“Yes.” Same answer as last time.

“So…  am I the MOTHER!???” I almost screeched it. Luckily, we were far out on the river.
“It would appear that way…” answered Bob.
WOW, how do you know??!” I wondered.
“She said as much”
Said?” How did she tell you that? I wondered. “And when was this?”

I am sure this moment for me was similar to Bob hearing the words way back when: “She wa nux”. The words that meant he was being introduced:
This is my father”.

In a way, I felt a thrill of excitement, fear, wonder and confusion all rolled into one. Pretty hard to describe, however, overriding it all (besides the beer buzz), was this feeling that suddenly it made sense. That maybe I had kind of known or suspected this earlier, but just put it out of my head because events so clearly seemed to be “happening” to Bob, and Bob was the one the “conversations” took place with, the one who “went there”, was shown things, the one whose head she got into. So I was a little astounded, to say the least. But I took it in stride like everything else that had happened thus far. Or I think I did.

Then Bob continued, “It was the last time I went there”.
I knew this was weeks ago at this point.
“Well, why didn’t you tell me before?” I wondered… “Why didn’t you tell me then, when you found out?”

Bob explained that he was afraid how I would take it. He was already feeling so overwhelmed and perturbed by the things that had been divulged to him, and didn’t want to, shall we say, “burden” me with this knowledge. And reading back over the notes of that last time, there were clues then.  For instance, it started with this comment from Nuttah the last time Bob was “there”:

“It is important to her that we are together, as she put it, I think anyway, ‘in the long past and the long future’.”

And my response then: “Does her comment also mean that it is no accident that we are together?”

And then Bob’s response to me:  “Yes, it is no accident we are together. Apparently a very long time.”

I guess I should have gotten it then. Or gotten something out of that.

“And so why are you telling me now”? I wondered.

“Because I’ve had too much beer”, he answered. Which kind of meant to me that he might not have divulged this for some time, had we not had this day of drinking/floating on the river. Which, by the way, is an excellent way of spending a hot summer afternoon. And after finding out that we are apparently the parents of a young Lenape Indian girl, born approximately 1590 AD, all I could think of to do at that point was raise my beer bottle, and click mine with Bob’s  in a toast: “Well, then, I guess congratulations are in order” I joked.

And then, later that night, I had my own experience with “her” time. Or I guess I should begin to think of it as “our” time. I will have to relate this with the emails that Bob and I sent back and forth the following morning.

July 22, 2010

Event #84: Thursday, July 22, 2010

My email this morning to Bob:

I had a strong sense she was there last night… around 12:30 to 1-ish. I was getting the swirling, billowing, smoke-fog effect, some like clouds; and the colors of clouds, but with bright purple and royal blue highlights. This was around the time I think you got up to go to the bathroom. She also left a visual sign on the corner of the dresser, but that must have been earlier. Can you confirm that she was there? Anything happen with you?

And Bob’s to me:
Funny, I almost mentioned to you that she was in the room when you got up. She was there earlier in the evening too, I believe she was trying to tell me something in regard to you, but I was having a tough time with it. It is easier when I am in her place/time, whatever. That is good, you are starting to be aware when she is there. Maybe I’ll meet you at her place sometime, wouldn’t that be interesting, bring a couple brews. It is unbelievably humid and hot in the plant.

And my email back to Bob:
That is funny. I almost asked you when you got up if she was there. I really felt I was almost close to going last night. It was a step-up in awareness like I haven’t experienced yet; the stuff going on in my “head” is so obvious now. I try to interpret images, but they’re too brief. I also thought it would be a good time to take us both if she ever thought about doing that. I was watching the program you had on the History Channel when I came up and it was “The Universe” series; the one on Parallel Universes. What I see in my vision looks close to how they represented the wormhole link in that show. All swirly colors and moving patterns. I don’t know… I think we have our own Fourmilab going on right here. Any one of those scientists would be fascinated to know this is actually going on.

July 21, 2010

Event #83: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tonight I came home and Nuttah (her angel) is on the corner of the dresser with the 2 heart charms pointing at Bob. “His stone” was also placed on Bob’s lamp-base.

Rue read the journals last week, and here is an exchange of emails between Bob and Rue about it. This first one is from Rue:
Our local Community College is offering a course in how to investigate the paranormal, including how to  investigate a haunted location … wonder if your county has something like this — R.

Bob wrote this email back:
We are not haunted. I certainly am not going to spend my precious time off going to some urban location. Besides, no harm being done, besides me losing my f*ckin’ mind. I have some theories that have occurred to me of late that I don’t have time to elaborate on at the moment, but it has to do with the brain not simply being an organ of cognition, but more a filter. A filter of reality, when functioning as intended, it filters layers of reality out so that we can function in our everyday reality. But there is a lot more going on around us that we have no idea about. Sort of like our eyes and ears don’t see and hear certain spectrums of light and sound. Whatever, I’m half gone anyway, might as well go the full route…

And the email back from Rue to Bob:
BTW – I agree with you that we don’t sense a lot of what is going on in the environment – contact with animals just tells you that – birds and butterflies apparently navigate via the earth’s magnetic field and dogs certainly hear and sense more than we do and elephants feel sound vibrations, and who knows what CATS do?! and some animals apparently see things we don’t see.  That is why we need animals…. if only they could talk to us or we could read their minds…. Of course, if you have stopped filtering or have developed additional senses, I can’t say I envy you – I have enough trouble processing the information I have now.!!!!

And Bob wrote back:
I don’t think I have stopped filtering, I think Nuttah (btw, that is not her given name, it is the pet name her father called her) can adjust the circuitry to temporarily allow other aspects of reality through, sort of like capacitors in electronics. It was odd though, Sunday night when I wrote to tell you that Lois would be sending you the “journals” I started thinking about what I was writing and I was getting a bit off center just thinking about it, I finished and went out front to water the plants by the driveway. Lois could see me from where she was sitting, and when two of the dogs (Duke and Stupe) saw me they started barking as they do at a stranger. Even as I went up to them, talking to them as I approached they didn’t stop. Duke actually jumped and strained at me over the fence. He grabbed my arm in his mouth when I got up to him, which is what he does to male strangers. Then something suddenly changed and everything was “normal”. Lois saw the entire scene from the window. Very odd. I may be just a bit around the bend.

And the email back from Rue:
Oho —the dog thing is interesting.  Have you ever spooked the cat – or would you know?  Cats are so strange that you can’t tell what is up with them.  we can read dogs more easily…. they are more like us and we can read their body language or think we can anyway.  How on earth would you KNOW if a cat were acting strangely?! Meow.

And Bob wrote back:
If you have read any of the journals, then you know the cat is affected, not by me, but by what he has been exposed to, actually funny as hell to see how he reacts.

"Joe-the-Cat" emerging from his hiding place

I, as Lois, would just like to add something here about Joe – the Cat. Joe is actually an old man. He’s about 15 in actual years. What would that be in cat years, about 90? Are cat years the same as dog years?? Not sure. If they are, then he’s 105! His mother died last year at 16, but Joe is a bit “healthier” than his mother was. Anyway, these events in the room — all of which Joe has probably “witnessed” have been taking their toll. Here is a picture taken on July 2, of Joe emerging from what is now his almost permanent hiding place in the closet. Joe feels safer, I believe, in the closet than just about anywhere in the room. It’s so funny, in a way, that this cat – who has been with us for over 15 years — has become the barometer in a way for events and changes in the room related to all this “stuff”. We always know when something has happened because of the way Joe is behaving. And who says cats are dumb? And when we can’t see something, it seems that Joe can. I can’t help but wonder what the dogs might be able to “tell” us.

July 18, 2010

Event #82: Sunday, July 18, 2010

Today, with the agreement of Bob, we’d emailed his sister, Rue, the 3 previous parts of the “events”, that I’d zipped up into .PDF files. (Smaller, email-able files that included reduced versions of all the pictures thus far.) If you recall, in previous post, I’ve mentioned that in July, I started Part 4. So she read them and here is what follows:

I sent this email back to Rue on Monday, after Sunday I had emailed her all 3 parts thus far:
My email to Rue: I worked on Part 4 for a bit last night, but I don’t have it finished. I’ve taken a lot of pictures over the last few days of “events”, and it takes awhile to get everything together. By the way, are the pictures a good part of the whole story? I mean do they enhance it enough to make all the time worthwhile?
How’d you like our paper doll thing? A funny thing happened yesterday. My sister (Peg) and Dad were [going to be] visiting, and Bob mentioned that Peg might want to see the bedroom, and I might think about putting away the dolls. It would raise too many unexplainable questions… Anyway, I did. I carefully laid all of them in one of the dresser drawers, and made sure there was nothing on the dresser that would raise any obvious questions. I still left Nuttah’s original turtle; I could explain that if I had to. Bob went up later, and comes back and says,
“Why did you leave your character out, did you think Peg wouldn’t notice that?”
“Where am I?” I wondered.
He said I was right next to Nuttah’s character. Well, the fact is I DIDN’T leave mine out — Nuttah went in the drawer and TOOK me out! Anyway, I thought that was funny. Guess she didn’t want to be alone. I don’t know how (or if) I figure into the whole scenario at all — there is some new thing with white birds going on. You’ll read about it in Part 4. The white birds seem to have something to do with me, like the comet with Bob. We shall see!

And later, I heard back from Rue:
The pictures DEFINITELY enhance the narrative – without the pics, a lot of it would not clearly make sense…  it is worth the extra work.  Wow – I love the story of Nuttah taking you out of the drawer… I guess it is better than coming out of the closet! 🙂 !

Also on Sunday, July 18, 2010:
Bob wrote this email in reply to the following from Rue:
Rue: Thinking about the journal … does she always lead or do you ever have a chance to take some control and decide where to go or find out what she really wants or needs?

Bob: As far as me having control as to where I go, not that I know of, it is difficult to explain, I’m not sure there is vocabulary to describe the experience, at least I don’t possess the vocabulary. Initially I could not speak at all when I was “there” but then I discovered, accidentally, that if I speak their language I am able to speak [it]. Unfortunately, I don’t know much of the language. We do communicate through hand signals, which seems to be integral to the spoken word in their culture anyway. Plus there seems to be some unspoken communication, don’t know quite how to describe that, but she can get what I am thinking sometimes and she can get me to grasp ideas and thoughts she sends… sometimes.

Read the journal to understand more.
As far as what she wants, she wants her father. That was clear awhile back. There also appears to be much they want to show and teach me about him and their history. It is stranger than you can imagine writing this and coming to terms with its reality. Not as bad as it was in the beginning, but still unnerving and surreal. Whatever, Lois will send it shortly, she has recorded all of it, thankfully, I certainly never would have. Certain parts I can’t read or even hear, it is just overwhelming emotionally. The sadness Nuttah expressed in the beginning was just so intense, it took days for me to come to terms with. Anyway, read it as a novel or a journal, makes no difference whether anyone believes it or not. I am sure I wouldn’t, so I can’t fault anyone else.

July 17, 2010

Event #81: Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Common Dayflower

We were outside down at the creek, our first opportunity since the tree fell to really take a look at it. It is LARGE. It’s a big old Oak, must have been at too steep a slant on the bank, plus we suddenly this week had a ton of rain that was heavily laying on all the leaves. Hence the hideous ripping sound as the trunk tore apart. As we neared the creek where to top ½ of it was laying, Bob commented on some little blue wildflowers  growing there that he liked. They’re a common Dayflower, but I was in agreement; I like this flower too. I know it is probably technically a weed, but what the heck, it’s pretty. I’ve inserted a picture of them to the right that I took some other year. I do remember also commenting that at some point I will try to get a better picture.

The Dayflowers placed on Bob's alarm-clock radio

I went off then across the creek to explore the fallen tree. It was huge. I wanted to see how it broke from the bank. Bob had hung back under the bridge, and I was kind of curious as to why. Going back to the house, we got busy with other things; having our morning coffee, etc. I went upstairs later. I hadn’t made the bed yet, so I was straightening up and went over to my bedside table and noticed something out-of-place green on the lamp base. Looking closer, I noticed it was leaves. I picked them up, not immediately realizing the significance of them. Then I noticed that there were leaves on Bob’s radio, over on his table. I have a picture here to the left. I picked them up and even though they’d been there now for probably a couple of hours, and the flowers had shriveled, I did take note that it was the same flower from outside that we’d been talking about.

Dayflower leaves on my lamp-base

I also noticed the stone from Nuttah was placed on Bob’s lamp base. I gathered up all the wilted flowers and leaves and took them down to Bob to show him. It was then that he told me that she’d come “through” while he was there under the bridge, when I was exploring the tree. He had heard the electric-static sound again, and knew that she was present. Alone, this time, no tëme. (wolves)

“Wow”, I said, “She must have heard us talking about the flowers… And then picked them and got them up to our room.”

The only other change, was that she had moved my character to sit next to her and the wolves on the bureau. I was not sure how to interpret that.

Nuttah & the tëme (wolves); I've been added to her right