Event #77: Thursday Night, July 1, 2010

"Us" on the dresser with Tëme and Nuttah's "Turtle" (and a couple hearts)

I just got home from work,  and then went upstairs to check on “stuff”. Here is the email I wrote Bob that he will get tomorrow morning:

“I keep hearing weird noises outside, I’m getting a little freaked; I already put the dogs away. First on the creek side, now on the driveway side, yet I was just out there banging around with the dogs and unloading the truck. I see you had a visitor: you and I are placed surrounding her at the end of the turtle, the wolves are on your side, and the sweat hut is behind all of us. The heart is on the corner, and the stone is on my lamp base tonight. (I will have a picture of it in the morning, hopefully will have time).”

Picture is included to the left.

I must mention something that has been happening to me, however if I hear one more weird noise outside (see email), I’m “outta” here. I think I may have mentioned on one occasion the “liquid motion” that I’ve been experiencing in my vision. One night, I thought that it meant that I would be going on an “adventure”. I fell asleep instead, and nothing happened. I am exhausted tonight, and was from about 5 pm on at work as well, because I kept waking up all morning for no apparent reason, from about the time Bob left for work at 4. Or at least for no reason that I could discern. One time it was definitely the bird right outside the window, which is the one I’ve been trying to ID all summer. Or at least all month, it’s only been summer since last weekend. I want to say that I was cold, because all of a sudden the temp just dropped about 20 degrees at night. We’d been having this just awful heat wave, and we’ve had the AC running continuously in our room for more than a week, because even at night it’s in the high 70’s outside. Or at least it WAS. Now it’s got to be in the 50’s. Very nice, cool sleeping weather. And I get cold really easily when I’m sleeping, so that is what I was THINKING was keeping me up, every time I woke up, but now in retrospect, I believe it might have been something else. Then there was what I experienced when I went to bed. I turned off the TV and closed my eyes exhausted at about 12:15 AM. But suddenly there was swirling in my vision, and I wasn’t even sure my eyes were closed. I opened them to be sure, and they were. I closed them again, and the motion started up again. How do I describe what goes on here? There are colors, patterns, motion; it is very fluid, liquid, like India ink in water. Or somewhat like a heat mirage. The colors are blue, green, red, pink. No yellow. No orange. And lots of black. Everything is against a black background. Movement is constant, and sometimes seems to go at different speeds, like slow and swirling, as if I can notice things that go by, and then so fast it’s like a blur. Sometimes the shapes change, and sometimes I get an impression of a “scene” or an object, or something that if I could look at it long enough, I might recognize what it is. I could not help but think that Nuttah was involved in some way in this experience. The idea of that was very strong. I was wide awake now, I heard on the radio that it was now going on 1 AM, and my heart was thumping fast in anticipation of… something… I know not what. I waited, and watched, and kind of hoped. Lots and lots of things were going through my mind, and now I’m not sleepy anymore, I’m more interested in what is happening in my head. However, now I have to pee really bad, so I did have to open my eyes and get up. I came back, and it’s now 1, and Coast to Coast (radio program) is starting, and I’m sensing that Bob is now awake too… I wanted to ask him if she was with us, but I didn’t want to disturb him, just in case I was imagining him awake. So I asked the next day, and he said he woke up around 1, and she was definitely there. I don’t know what all this means; perhaps I am beginning to get a sense of her, perhaps she is “grooming me for a mission”… I don’t know. How could I know? I’m off to bed, and maybe tonight it will happen again.


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