Not sure of the date

For whatever reason, sometime (I think it was in March), I felt compelled to go on Amazon and buy a CD that has been out of print for YEARS. The only way to buy it was from resellers — used. So I did. I actually do have the LP (Long-Playing album, for those who missed the era of records!) of this band, but have no way to play it. People from my era of music from the 60’s and 70’s will most certainly recognize this band name and maybe even the song, and possibly even sympathize with why I felt compelled to buy it. (For a premium, I might add.) So… for the next couple of posts, click this youtube link to the song to have it playing in the background. The reason being is that it has to DO with the next couple of  (and several future) posts, and I don’t think that that is complete coincidence. In fact, I have more or less stopped believing in “coincidences”. The song is “White Bird” and the band is “It’s a Beautiful Day“. 1968


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