Event #78: Monday, July 5, 2010

I  haven’t numbered these “incidents”, because they may well just be coincidences. I have chosen to log them and write them down because of the frequency of occurrence, and there seems something odd in that, simply because pure white birds flying in the wild are pretty rare around here. We were driving from our house towards the river on our way somewhere and Bob commented to me (I was in the passenger seat) that there was a dead white bird in the other lane.
“Did you see that”? he asked.
I hadn’t. Well, something white had caught my eye, but I’d thought it was trash.
“That was a dead white bird; pure white”, he said.

I found this curious, and we speculated about what it might be. A white dove? Somebody’s escaped white  cockatiel? So on the way back, he made sure that I would notice, and there it was; dead in the westbound lane. I couldn’t tell what kind of pure white bird it was. But here is the curious thing, and the reason why I am bringing it up at all. It’s a couple days later and now it’s gone. And I don’t mean just the body and the feathers, etc., but there is NO trace of a dead thing on the road whatsoever. And believe me, it has NOT rained. Not a drop. It’s been in the 100 degrees, everything is dry as a bone, and there is no stain of dead bird on the road. Not a mark. And I looked as I drove by,  more than once. What a curious thing. Where is the evidence of that dead white bird that we BOTH saw??


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