Event #79: Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bob says that she was there last night. I had a sense of her this morning as well. There has been no “activity” in our room for over a week and when I ask Bob what is going on he only states that he “Doesn’t want to talk about it”.

First ever White Bird sighting in the creek

But then this morning, Bob woke me up abruptly to “Quick get out of bed!” He wanted me to see a bird in the creek. I looked out the window, but he said come down and look at it outside. So I went to the deck, and sure enough, this gorgeous WHITE heron was fishing in the creek, right where the gully washer empties out. I took a couple pictures from afar; to the right is the first one, and then it made its way under the bridge. We followed it, and it didn’t fly away. I took a couple more pictures that way. It was definitely a heron, or in the heron family, because its behavior was that of the only other herons that we have seen: the blue and green. But this one is pure white; we’ve never seen a white one in our creek in the 9 years we’ve been here. Then, it flew off, and we went up to sit on the wall and play with the dogs. At some point, we looked behind us and saw the bird again, hunting at the gully-washer, and shortly after that, it took off right toward us, flew up toward the wall where we sat, right over our heads, and down the creek toward the river. Literally right over our heads.

We followed and it didn't fly away

Then later, we had to go out to do some shopping, and we were sitting at a traffic light, and for whatever reason I glanced over at the car next to us. On the dash of the passenger seat was taped a picture – of a white bird. Too many “coincidences” with this white bird thing. I also have to mention an incident I told to Bob this weekend that happened while I was driving home one night. A “scene shift” as it were. This happened as I rounded a corner entering into our township from the road to the south of us. But I’ll save that for another post. The song is a long one, so it’s probably still playing. I love the violin part in it.


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