Event #80: Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tonight, Bob and I were talking on the phone at work. Shortly into the conversation, I heard an odd noise, different from the usual noises I hear on the other end, but I wrote it off to Joe “meowing”. His meow is not so much a cute cat meow as a squawk. At about that moment, I asked Bob,

“So what’s going on at our house”?
“Funny you should ask – there was just this weird crackling sound”. That must have been what I’d heard. Bob paused for a second or 2, “… and now I have company. But it’s not just her – there are 2 others.”
“How do you know?” I wondered.
“I don’t know how I know, but I just know” Bob said.
“Are ‘the elders’ with her” I wondered.
“No… I don’t think so. They seem to be…” he kind of trailed off, like he was trying to get a sense of it, thinking, and didn’t really answer, so I asked:
“Is it the wolves?”
Slowly, still thinking, sensing, he answered, “That’s possible.”
“Really!” I exclaimed.
“Yeah. It doesn’t feel like just her – I don’t have the same impression as if it’s just her”.
“What is Joe doing?” I wondered. (Always stuck in the mundane, am I.)
“Well, he wasn’t here when ‘they’ entered. He’s here now, and he just started looking. He’s looking towards the door, but not really at ‘person-height’, more like he’s looking at something low. His head is going back and forth like he’s following something” Bob explained.

My thoughts were that Joe would simply BOLT if there were wolves, or even dogs in the room, especially if he could ‘see’ them. I said as much to Bob, and he reminded me that there is something that she does to calm things. People and cats; she can seemingly calm them.

We were both curious about the noise. It is a noise she/they make as they enter our time. Like a crackling static of electricity, or like when you stand under a transformer tower and can hear the electricity crackle in the wires above. It was the first time either of us had heard this, although going back to perhaps March, there was an incident where I encountered an unexplainable static-like noise in the bathroom. Bob said it is the first time he’s actually been awake or conscious when she arrived; maybe it always made that noise.

Nuttah with the wolves (tëme) behind her after the visit

Our conversation had to end because it was late, and I had to get back to work, and Bob had to go to sleep. So I reluctantly hung up because I was really curious as to where this might go. I think they were all still in the room, but just “hanging out”, as it were.

When I got home, of course my first thoughts were to run upstairs and see what was going on in the bedroom. It was hard to notice at first, because of the way I have left things on the dresser, but in the center of all of it, behind the turtle that still sits there, there ‘she’ (her angel figure) was, pointed at Bob – the silver heart was moved to point at him too – and here is the kicker:  arranged behind her was the paper-doll character of the 2 wolves. As if to confirm it; that she was definitely there with the wolves. There in our bedroom in 2010.

I came down and wrote this email to Bob:
“So the only activity I noticed when I came up to the bedroom last night was that she put her bureau character looking at you, with the wolves next to her. I would read into that that the wolves were definitely with her. Did anything happen besides that after we hung up? Any further communication?”

There is one more thing that has yet to be explained tonight, and as soon as Stewie gets home, we are taking a walk to see what it was. I was in the kitchen after I’d gone up to examine what I just described above, and I heard something coming from outside. I heard a crack, a pop. I thought a landscaping trailer was coming over the bridge. It was that kind of noise, like the loud bounce they always make as they hit the bumps and holes. Then there was another, and another. Loud ones, as if there was a lot of loose stuff on this truck. Definitely in the direction of the bridge. I thought it would have been coming this way, and I should have seen headlights or something. Not that I was looking all that hard at this point, I was just very conscious of the loudness of the noise. But then, there was something hideous. It was a series of many of those noises; louder and all strung together, as if something MASSIVE was ripping and falling. I opened the deck door, and it was even louder; GEEZ, what the hell is that? I thought.

A large oak tree snaps off about 12 feet up its trunk and falls into the creek

I wanted to duck and cover, but I ran out the front door and a car was coming down the road toward us and turned to go over the bridge, and I watched it – it went right over, so there was no obstruction on the bridge. Or, the bridge was still intact. I’m now afraid to go out there myself. Whatever it was, it was really large, and it is really dark, so I called Stewie to see when he’d be home, and he was having his shift drink, so I’m staying up ‘til he gets home and we’ll go over to the bridge and take a look and see if some massive tree fell or something.

When he came home, we took a small light and went to the bridge. All we could really see was the top branches of a tree in the creek on the far side of the bridge  from us, so it was clear at least what the sound was. I was able to take a look in the morning. It was a huge oak tree — rain had accumulated on its leaves and made the tree so top heavy, and it was more or less clinging to the bank anyway. It was enough for it to just snap. I have included a picture. This doesn’t really have to do with our “events”, it’s really just something else that happened.


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