Event #81: Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Common Dayflower

We were outside down at the creek, our first opportunity since the tree fell to really take a look at it. It is LARGE. It’s a big old Oak, must have been at too steep a slant on the bank, plus we suddenly this week had a ton of rain that was heavily laying on all the leaves. Hence the hideous ripping sound as the trunk tore apart. As we neared the creek where to top ½ of it was laying, Bob commented on some little blue wildflowers  growing there that he liked. They’re a common Dayflower, but I was in agreement; I like this flower too. I know it is probably technically a weed, but what the heck, it’s pretty. I’ve inserted a picture of them to the right that I took some other year. I do remember also commenting that at some point I will try to get a better picture.

The Dayflowers placed on Bob's alarm-clock radio

I went off then across the creek to explore the fallen tree. It was huge. I wanted to see how it broke from the bank. Bob had hung back under the bridge, and I was kind of curious as to why. Going back to the house, we got busy with other things; having our morning coffee, etc. I went upstairs later. I hadn’t made the bed yet, so I was straightening up and went over to my bedside table and noticed something out-of-place green on the lamp base. Looking closer, I noticed it was leaves. I picked them up, not immediately realizing the significance of them. Then I noticed that there were leaves on Bob’s radio, over on his table. I have a picture here to the left. I picked them up and even though they’d been there now for probably a couple of hours, and the flowers had shriveled, I did take note that it was the same flower from outside that we’d been talking about.

Dayflower leaves on my lamp-base

I also noticed the stone from Nuttah was placed on Bob’s lamp base. I gathered up all the wilted flowers and leaves and took them down to Bob to show him. It was then that he told me that she’d come “through” while he was there under the bridge, when I was exploring the tree. He had heard the electric-static sound again, and knew that she was present. Alone, this time, no tëme. (wolves)

“Wow”, I said, “She must have heard us talking about the flowers… And then picked them and got them up to our room.”

The only other change, was that she had moved my character to sit next to her and the wolves on the bureau. I was not sure how to interpret that.

Nuttah & the tëme (wolves); I've been added to her right


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