Event #82: Sunday, July 18, 2010

Today, with the agreement of Bob, we’d emailed his sister, Rue, the 3 previous parts of the “events”, that I’d zipped up into .PDF files. (Smaller, email-able files that included reduced versions of all the pictures thus far.) If you recall, in previous post, I’ve mentioned that in July, I started Part 4. So she read them and here is what follows:

I sent this email back to Rue on Monday, after Sunday I had emailed her all 3 parts thus far:
My email to Rue: I worked on Part 4 for a bit last night, but I don’t have it finished. I’ve taken a lot of pictures over the last few days of “events”, and it takes awhile to get everything together. By the way, are the pictures a good part of the whole story? I mean do they enhance it enough to make all the time worthwhile?
How’d you like our paper doll thing? A funny thing happened yesterday. My sister (Peg) and Dad were [going to be] visiting, and Bob mentioned that Peg might want to see the bedroom, and I might think about putting away the dolls. It would raise too many unexplainable questions… Anyway, I did. I carefully laid all of them in one of the dresser drawers, and made sure there was nothing on the dresser that would raise any obvious questions. I still left Nuttah’s original turtle; I could explain that if I had to. Bob went up later, and comes back and says,
“Why did you leave your character out, did you think Peg wouldn’t notice that?”
“Where am I?” I wondered.
He said I was right next to Nuttah’s character. Well, the fact is I DIDN’T leave mine out — Nuttah went in the drawer and TOOK me out! Anyway, I thought that was funny. Guess she didn’t want to be alone. I don’t know how (or if) I figure into the whole scenario at all — there is some new thing with white birds going on. You’ll read about it in Part 4. The white birds seem to have something to do with me, like the comet with Bob. We shall see!

And later, I heard back from Rue:
The pictures DEFINITELY enhance the narrative – without the pics, a lot of it would not clearly make sense…  it is worth the extra work.  Wow – I love the story of Nuttah taking you out of the drawer… I guess it is better than coming out of the closet! 🙂 !

Also on Sunday, July 18, 2010:
Bob wrote this email in reply to the following from Rue:
Rue: Thinking about the journal … does she always lead or do you ever have a chance to take some control and decide where to go or find out what she really wants or needs?

Bob: As far as me having control as to where I go, not that I know of, it is difficult to explain, I’m not sure there is vocabulary to describe the experience, at least I don’t possess the vocabulary. Initially I could not speak at all when I was “there” but then I discovered, accidentally, that if I speak their language I am able to speak [it]. Unfortunately, I don’t know much of the language. We do communicate through hand signals, which seems to be integral to the spoken word in their culture anyway. Plus there seems to be some unspoken communication, don’t know quite how to describe that, but she can get what I am thinking sometimes and she can get me to grasp ideas and thoughts she sends… sometimes.

Read the journal to understand more.
As far as what she wants, she wants her father. That was clear awhile back. There also appears to be much they want to show and teach me about him and their history. It is stranger than you can imagine writing this and coming to terms with its reality. Not as bad as it was in the beginning, but still unnerving and surreal. Whatever, Lois will send it shortly, she has recorded all of it, thankfully, I certainly never would have. Certain parts I can’t read or even hear, it is just overwhelming emotionally. The sadness Nuttah expressed in the beginning was just so intense, it took days for me to come to terms with. Anyway, read it as a novel or a journal, makes no difference whether anyone believes it or not. I am sure I wouldn’t, so I can’t fault anyone else.


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