Event #83: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tonight I came home and Nuttah (her angel) is on the corner of the dresser with the 2 heart charms pointing at Bob. “His stone” was also placed on Bob’s lamp-base.

Rue read the journals last week, and here is an exchange of emails between Bob and Rue about it. This first one is from Rue:
Our local Community College is offering a course in how to investigate the paranormal, including how to  investigate a haunted location … wonder if your county has something like this — R.

Bob wrote this email back:
We are not haunted. I certainly am not going to spend my precious time off going to some urban location. Besides, no harm being done, besides me losing my f*ckin’ mind. I have some theories that have occurred to me of late that I don’t have time to elaborate on at the moment, but it has to do with the brain not simply being an organ of cognition, but more a filter. A filter of reality, when functioning as intended, it filters layers of reality out so that we can function in our everyday reality. But there is a lot more going on around us that we have no idea about. Sort of like our eyes and ears don’t see and hear certain spectrums of light and sound. Whatever, I’m half gone anyway, might as well go the full route…

And the email back from Rue to Bob:
BTW – I agree with you that we don’t sense a lot of what is going on in the environment – contact with animals just tells you that – birds and butterflies apparently navigate via the earth’s magnetic field and dogs certainly hear and sense more than we do and elephants feel sound vibrations, and who knows what CATS do?! and some animals apparently see things we don’t see.  That is why we need animals…. if only they could talk to us or we could read their minds…. Of course, if you have stopped filtering or have developed additional senses, I can’t say I envy you – I have enough trouble processing the information I have now.!!!!

And Bob wrote back:
I don’t think I have stopped filtering, I think Nuttah (btw, that is not her given name, it is the pet name her father called her) can adjust the circuitry to temporarily allow other aspects of reality through, sort of like capacitors in electronics. It was odd though, Sunday night when I wrote to tell you that Lois would be sending you the “journals” I started thinking about what I was writing and I was getting a bit off center just thinking about it, I finished and went out front to water the plants by the driveway. Lois could see me from where she was sitting, and when two of the dogs (Duke and Stupe) saw me they started barking as they do at a stranger. Even as I went up to them, talking to them as I approached they didn’t stop. Duke actually jumped and strained at me over the fence. He grabbed my arm in his mouth when I got up to him, which is what he does to male strangers. Then something suddenly changed and everything was “normal”. Lois saw the entire scene from the window. Very odd. I may be just a bit around the bend.

And the email back from Rue:
Oho —the dog thing is interesting.  Have you ever spooked the cat – or would you know?  Cats are so strange that you can’t tell what is up with them.  we can read dogs more easily…. they are more like us and we can read their body language or think we can anyway.  How on earth would you KNOW if a cat were acting strangely?! Meow.

And Bob wrote back:
If you have read any of the journals, then you know the cat is affected, not by me, but by what he has been exposed to, actually funny as hell to see how he reacts.

"Joe-the-Cat" emerging from his hiding place

I, as Lois, would just like to add something here about Joe – the Cat. Joe is actually an old man. He’s about 15 in actual years. What would that be in cat years, about 90? Are cat years the same as dog years?? Not sure. If they are, then he’s 105! His mother died last year at 16, but Joe is a bit “healthier” than his mother was. Anyway, these events in the room — all of which Joe has probably “witnessed” have been taking their toll. Here is a picture taken on July 2, of Joe emerging from what is now his almost permanent hiding place in the closet. Joe feels safer, I believe, in the closet than just about anywhere in the room. It’s so funny, in a way, that this cat – who has been with us for over 15 years — has become the barometer in a way for events and changes in the room related to all this “stuff”. We always know when something has happened because of the way Joe is behaving. And who says cats are dumb? And when we can’t see something, it seems that Joe can. I can’t help but wonder what the dogs might be able to “tell” us.


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