Event #84: Thursday, July 22, 2010

My email this morning to Bob:

I had a strong sense she was there last night… around 12:30 to 1-ish. I was getting the swirling, billowing, smoke-fog effect, some like clouds; and the colors of clouds, but with bright purple and royal blue highlights. This was around the time I think you got up to go to the bathroom. She also left a visual sign on the corner of the dresser, but that must have been earlier. Can you confirm that she was there? Anything happen with you?

And Bob’s to me:
Funny, I almost mentioned to you that she was in the room when you got up. She was there earlier in the evening too, I believe she was trying to tell me something in regard to you, but I was having a tough time with it. It is easier when I am in her place/time, whatever. That is good, you are starting to be aware when she is there. Maybe I’ll meet you at her place sometime, wouldn’t that be interesting, bring a couple brews. It is unbelievably humid and hot in the plant.

And my email back to Bob:
That is funny. I almost asked you when you got up if she was there. I really felt I was almost close to going last night. It was a step-up in awareness like I haven’t experienced yet; the stuff going on in my “head” is so obvious now. I try to interpret images, but they’re too brief. I also thought it would be a good time to take us both if she ever thought about doing that. I was watching the program you had on the History Channel when I came up and it was “The Universe” series; the one on Parallel Universes. What I see in my vision looks close to how they represented the wormhole link in that show. All swirly colors and moving patterns. I don’t know… I think we have our own Fourmilab going on right here. Any one of those scientists would be fascinated to know this is actually going on.


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