Event #85: Saturday, July 24, 2010

I have to try to remember how this conversation went with me & Bob on the river. We were tubing on Saturday, it was ridiculously hot, and we’d brought 3 beers apiece to drink. Summery stuff, but beer nevertheless. We brought an extra tube just to carry the beer cooler. So I don’t remember if it was after the 2nd or 3rd beer. Probably the 3rd, cause we were both really feeling it. And I also don’t remember now how it came up. Maybe Bob does. He can sometimes recall conversations better than I can, especially if I’ve had a couple drinks.

I think what happened is that I was asking questions about “her” relationship with her Dad, and I think Bob started to talk about what had happened the last time he “went there”. That was the time he learned that “he” had only had one mate his entire life and that had been Nuttah’s mother. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in any of the previous posts (I don’t think I have), but for awhile now, Bob has known that Nuttah’s mother died giving birth to her. So Nuttah never knew her mother, and had an especially close relationship with her father as a result of being motherless. Even after Nuttah’s mother died, “he” had never again taken another mate. It was years later that HE died, rescuing Nuttah from drowning, but he never took another wife in all that time. And Bob got the impression from this information being imparted by Nuttah, that this was very unusual in their culture/clan.

So after divulging this information, Bob continued:

“And she told me that I am that way in my current life, and apparently WE have been together for a very long time”.
“What do you mean? I asked through the beer haze.
“I mean we have not only been together in this life, at this time…”

It wasn’t really immediately clear to me what Bob meant, so I pressed on.
“So we’ve been together as a couple before – in another life?” It was suddenly dawning on me what he might be inferring. Could I be involved in this past-life scenario too?
“We have not just been together as a couple in this life”, he said again.
“Were we together THEN?” I wondered.
“Yes”, was Bob’s response.
“We were together as a couple ‘then'”?? me again, dense.
“Yes.” Same answer as last time.

“So…  am I the MOTHER!???” I almost screeched it. Luckily, we were far out on the river.
“It would appear that way…” answered Bob.
WOW, how do you know??!” I wondered.
“She said as much”
Said?” How did she tell you that? I wondered. “And when was this?”

I am sure this moment for me was similar to Bob hearing the words way back when: “She wa nux”. The words that meant he was being introduced:
This is my father”.

In a way, I felt a thrill of excitement, fear, wonder and confusion all rolled into one. Pretty hard to describe, however, overriding it all (besides the beer buzz), was this feeling that suddenly it made sense. That maybe I had kind of known or suspected this earlier, but just put it out of my head because events so clearly seemed to be “happening” to Bob, and Bob was the one the “conversations” took place with, the one who “went there”, was shown things, the one whose head she got into. So I was a little astounded, to say the least. But I took it in stride like everything else that had happened thus far. Or I think I did.

Then Bob continued, “It was the last time I went there”.
I knew this was weeks ago at this point.
“Well, why didn’t you tell me before?” I wondered… “Why didn’t you tell me then, when you found out?”

Bob explained that he was afraid how I would take it. He was already feeling so overwhelmed and perturbed by the things that had been divulged to him, and didn’t want to, shall we say, “burden” me with this knowledge. And reading back over the notes of that last time, there were clues then.  For instance, it started with this comment from Nuttah the last time Bob was “there”:

“It is important to her that we are together, as she put it, I think anyway, ‘in the long past and the long future’.”

And my response then: “Does her comment also mean that it is no accident that we are together?”

And then Bob’s response to me:  “Yes, it is no accident we are together. Apparently a very long time.”

I guess I should have gotten it then. Or gotten something out of that.

“And so why are you telling me now”? I wondered.

“Because I’ve had too much beer”, he answered. Which kind of meant to me that he might not have divulged this for some time, had we not had this day of drinking/floating on the river. Which, by the way, is an excellent way of spending a hot summer afternoon. And after finding out that we are apparently the parents of a young Lenape Indian girl, born approximately 1590 AD, all I could think of to do at that point was raise my beer bottle, and click mine with Bob’s  in a toast: “Well, then, I guess congratulations are in order” I joked.

And then, later that night, I had my own experience with “her” time. Or I guess I should begin to think of it as “our” time. I will have to relate this with the emails that Bob and I sent back and forth the following morning.


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