Event #86: Monday, July 26, 2010

Words in the notebook July 26, 2010

Sunday night, I again found words in the notebook. This translates like this:
Well Wup (that’s my nickname), Looks like you
got some of what you want-
ed answered. (I think the heat/humidity drop has
something to do with this)
Enati, Anati, Anaty???
Nge (scribble) Ngehesa
Nk (scribble) Nkehesa

I took the notebook to the scanner, and then started to try to look up the words he’d written. The next morning, Monday, July 27, I wrote Bob this email:

Me to Bob: I think the best I could determine, was that the “anati” word means ‘Mom“. The reference I found for anati is very obscure; it was used in a novel. “Lenape for Mom” it said. The other word, which I guess is “nkahèsa” means “my deceased mother“. I sensed that she was there last night after you were asleep. It was around 11:30 or so (I think), and I think she might have been trying to communicate with me. Remember the night you jolted awake thinking you heard your name? Or you did hear your name called? I had an experience with a vision jolting me awake; it was just as I was drifting off, and clear as day, as if I was there; a brief, momentary, not even a second long flash of a scene came into my head. It was outdoors and VERY sunny; green, so much green, but other colors as well, maybe people, maybe plants; who knows — it was so brief I had no time to register anything but an impression of it, and the fact that I was just shown something. I don’t THINK it came from my own head, I have the clear impression at times of things (brief visions) being flashes of something that is transmitted. It reminds me a lot of the days I used to experiment with remote viewing. The visions come into my head in a similar way anyway. Maybe she uses that wavelength that today’s remote viewers tap into. Fascinating. Can you add any more explanation to the words on the page, and how it was conveyed? Does she know now that I know, and did you have to tell her, or does she just know?

And then Bob’s email back to me: As I got it, Anati is an endearing term for Mother, I told her that you know, more through thoughts and hand signal. I thought the word you said for “mother” sounded familiar, at least the first syllable was the same. She was there last night when I went to bed and I was almost immediately at “her place”; she couldn’t wait. I could sense her excitement. It must have some weather connection. I don’t know what, but the weather broke and off I went. We moved around the creek and up to the long houses. She showed me the scene of plantings she was going to try to show you, it looked like a squash, or beans. Field was surrounded by high trees, it was light when I was there, only the second time I have seen it in day light. Pretty wild.

Bob continues: She indicated her father came from a group north of here. Like northern NJ or NY, I believe. I asked her to tell me the name of her Mom, she looked very serious and looked away. Wouldn’t say name, I don’t know why. Have to repeat it was cool walking around in day light, very different impression from being there at night.

And my email back: I think that is what I got, makes sense now that you verify it. It was a super sunny bright scene, and I had the impression I was looking at plantings or crops, the colors that were not green were hot colors, like maybe some red, orange, yellow. Brief vision though, too brief to try to analyze anything except an impression. Is that what I did when I was alive there? Does the scene of plantings have something to do with me specifically, or just part of their world? Remind me what the other time was that you saw it  in daylight. Well, got to go get ready. Fascinating new turn of events, but not entirely unpredictable.

And then Bob’s email back to me: That appears to be one of the things, along with beads and shells you/she liked working with. Not that there was much choice. The crops looked like red beans and yellow to yellowish squash, I think. That is why she showed you the fields, it is what you did. The other daylight visit was with our current puppies, that was exclusively by the creek. Back to work, long day ahead.

And my email in response: Beads! It figures… I’ve been attracted to beads my whole life. (This current life anyway) Even made those Indian loom bead things as a kid. Isn’t that funny… and you with the wolves. Is there nothing that we make a choice about?

And then Bob’s email back:
I’m just glad I am not alone now. I still get a bit concerned about sanity.


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