Later Monday night: July 26, 2010

We spoke tonight on the phone, and Bob filled me in on what specifically went on went he was taken “there” on Sunday night. He was shown the things going on that had to do with me, when I was alive. And that was the vision I was given; the garden scene. Bright, bright, sunny scene of green. And Bob was able to elaborate on some of the things he was shown and how they were being done. For instance, the bead work. They were forming the beads using crude tools, and used sand to grind things down, like sand paper. Then, to make the holes in the beads, a basic indent would be formed, and once it went through, a string covered with sand to cause an abrasive effect would be brought through it over and over to make the bead holes. There were shells too; used for tools, utensils, and also decoration and jewelry. Scooping tools as well. I apparently participated in all this activity. Bob did note that the women working on all these things seemed oblivious to his presence with Nuttah, or just paid no attention to them. I made some notes while this conversation was going on, and I have to see if there is anything else I should add. He did say the shells appeared to not all come from here; perhaps trading was going on with groups closer to the seashore. He also said he’d gone on a walk through their fields and an area to get to where the crops were grown, and it was bright daylight; only the second time he’d been “there” in the daylight. He commented specifically on the quality of the light; much brighter than we have now, more intense light. And that is what I had gotten in the vision that I saw – the intense bright light illuminating the green. While he walked along with Nuttah, he noticed wildflowers, grasses, weeds, and specifically said there was no plantain. He made this observation as the result of a conversation we’d had over the weekend about the presence of plantain here, due to a comment from my meeting from the other night. I asked Bob how long this “excursion” had taken, if you were to count things in “real” time. About an hour, hour and ½, he had answered.


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