Event #87: Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our son, Stewey, made a discovery tonight outside on the wall. It was on the old section of wall that had not been replaced. It is a very odd thing, not because of what they are, but because of where they are. It is 2 claws. Claws of a very small thing, like a crayfish – they look like miniature crab claws.

A tiny set of claws appear on the wall

But they were laying on the wall in a perfect configuration, as if they’d been placed there. They could not have been dropped by a bird and coincidentally landed so close to each other like that. It is almost certain that they were placed there. But why? Also, because they are so light-weight, they should have immediately blown off.  They have about as much weight to them as a dry leaf. Bob brought them in and put them on my desk. They are very small. Only about ½ inch to an inch long each, if you count the bend. They’re kind of an orangey-grayish-salmon color, like crab legs after cooking. I’ve included a picture here to the right. I wonder if this has something to do with “shells” – and Bob’s visit of Sunday night written in a previous post. I mean they are shells, of a sort…

My email about it to Bob: This is pretty interesting (claws), and defies any explanation, that I can think of. I did write it up as an “event”. I was out there with Stewey, and I noticed scratches on that old part of the wall, it could have just been the way the light was hitting it at night, but I was not sure if they were new or had been there. I’m completely disoriented this morning. Hoping for coffee to bring me around.


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