Event #88: Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I was outside this morning with the dogs; I think it was when I was bringing the littlest dog “Wobbles” back from our walk. Yeah, it must have been, cause Stewey wasn’t up when I had left. Stewey was in the yard playing with Duke, and I was doing… something… I think cleaning up the poop. And something on the wall caught my eye. I walked over and saw something in a beautiful shade of blue: an eggshell. Half of a little bird-egg, not a robin’s egg, but blue nevertheless; a shell (SHELL!) laying on the wall. Sideways, I think, or maybe the open side down. I picked it up and showed it to Stewey; he was as fascinated as I was, especially since there was kind of a breeze that had kicked up. How did something like that stay on the wall? It’s so light; a light breath could blow it off the wall. I took a picture of these items that we have found now on the wall, all of which qualify at this point as shells (and Bob was shown the shells they work with during his last “visit”). The scale of this picture is such that the eggshell would roughly cover a dime. So those little claws are tiny too – no bigger than a nickel, and they stayed on the wall for some time without blowing off.

Tiny claws & half a bird eggshell found perched on the wall

Below are excerpts from a couple of email exchanges back and forth about it:

From Bob, earlier on Wed:

Stewey just texted me that he found an egg shell in the same location he found the claws.

Then my answer back:
Yes, he did, and tonight, there is a change on the dresser: Nuttah is turned to face the 2 of us, and the silver heart is facing you, and 2 hearts are piled up to face me with the turtle-charm on top of the pile. I guess you had a visit… did you go anywhere?? Nothing at all happened to the miniature legs and the egg. I thought I heard voices as I pulled into our driveway tonight. Maybe it was just wobs barking. I think you should put them away when you go to bed… then I will let all out when I get home, and say a final goodnight. He barks too long too late.

And below I have placed a picture of the bureau arrangement that I described above:

Nuttah and all the hearts are turned to face us


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