Event #89: Thursday, July 29, 2010

Later Wednesday night:
She’s been here already tonight, so I go to bed thinking that I might have an experience. In the last post is a picture of what I found on the dresser. Nuttah was moved to the center of the turtle, and is facing the two of us. Two hearts and a turtle charm, stacked up in a pile were facing me, the small silver heart is facing Bob next to the wolves. I then put everything back as you see in the picture below:

I put everything back as in this picture

Then when Bob arrived home from work on Thursday he reported that he had come home to find the white heron perched on the wall; roughly where all of our “shell objects” had been found. That same night, when I went upstairs, Nuttah was moved to the other side of me, that stone “heart” that had been in front of me was moved to the front of Nuttah. I am now writing this on Monday morning, August 1, and things stayed that way all weekend. (I simply have to make or get some new paper characters for us…)


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