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August 31, 2010

Event #98: Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I was heading out this morning with our littlest dog Wobbles for our walk. I drive to a path in a park where we walk, and where I can let him out on a 24′ leash. I was approaching a nearby neighbor’s house on a corner, where I stop and make a right. Out of the trees on the far corner launched a flock of birds – probably 30-50 birds; not all that unusual in and of itself, except that what I did take notice of was that they were all pure white. An entire flock of pure-white birds, launching from this not-very-large tree. They did not stay in my view long enough for me to identify the type of birds that they were without question, but my guess was doves or pigeons. They were roughly that size… but WHAT were so many white ones doing there?

August 31, 2010

Event #97: Monday, August 30, 2010

N U T T A H Returns!!

We had a visit! I don’t know if it was after you went to bed, or you just did not notice on the dresser — “She” is turned to face “us”, the hearts are rearranged to point at “us”, and your little “cosmo-gram” (to steal an Ute word) is arranged in front of you. It has all the charm that only Nuttah is capable of that we have missed since 8/18, when the flowers appeared. I will send you a picture tomorrow. I’m also curious to know if she communicated with you, or if she just left the dresser message. ktaholël, awup

And then Bob’s email Tuesday morning to me:

I hope that is true. Are you sure you didn’t change the arrangement? I look when I come up but I am not sure if you change it or Nuttah changes it. I hope it was her. She was facing the mirror when I came up last night, but I don’t have glasses on so I can’t see the rest. I hope it is her.
I had a text from Kate this morning saying she was reading the journal and fighting tears the entire time. She said sad doesn’t begin to describe what she felt reading it. What is she reading? I know just reading her text in the car this morning almost made me break down. The sadness is so deep, I can remember it so clearly, I don’t want any of us to feel that way ever again. Getting too sad just thinking about it. Have to stop. Send a picture please. I hope it is her. ktaholël

The return of Nuttah - our characters re-arranged. Hearts point at "me & Bob", "Cosmogram" arranged in the center: egg/stone/claws. My earrings still sit in the foreground as the legs to Nuttah's "Turtle"

And me back to Bob: Oh, it is definitely her. I have been playing with the arrangement on occasion, just to see if she will reappear, and I had done something that morning — but what I came up to last night was not it. I had not left her facing us, she had pointed out into the room between us. Also, she put those little claws on TOP of your stone, I had arranged them with the egg in a line. I’m not sure what else she changed, the hearts maybe. So it was before you came up then. I would not send out a false alarm, it is definitely her change — nothing else was different though. Kate is reading the part where you find out that you are her father, and what happened to you. I guess I will print her part 3 then. I am now starting Part 5! In Part 2, you have not really started “going there” yet — just hints of things that you see. It’s in 3 that you take the trips. I think the history lesson is in Part 3 too. I’ll go take a picture now and send it. ktaholël

Me later: Attached is the picture. She moved herself to face us… the hearts to point at us… and she also moved the egg, stone, and put the claws on top of your stone. It is definitely her. I am glad she is back, wonder where she went.

And Bob to me: I can’t see too well on this screen or through these hurtin’ glasses. I will look later. I am relieved that she is ok, although until I get to sense her presence I won’t be satisfied. Nice stupey figures of us btw, gotta wonder what she thinks of them.

And then later, me to Bob: Kate just wrote me an interesting text response, that never occurred to me, maybe it did to you — “I find it odd/interesting that Daddy has always referred to me as a ‘nut’ or some variation of that word”

NUT — NUTTAH — I never made that connection… did you? Another coincidence? That is interesting. I’m relieved as well — last night I wrote up my harvest theory, but then even when I was talking to you last night, I had the sense she might be back soon. Little did I know she already had been… or maybe I did know… Kate is insisting on Part 3 today!!

And Bob’s response: I think the “nut theory” is a bit nutty. But who knows. All of this could easily be deemed nutty. BTW, Kate is a nut.  Who knows, I don’t discount anything anymore. ktaholël, Awup

August 30, 2010

And so begins Part 5

Part V
Monday, August 30, 2010

We were getting worried. We didn’t talk about it every day – but I know it was on both of our minds. Nuttah had not been around since 8/18. It is now the 30th. My theory – because I felt there had to be some reason – was that she was busy with their harvest. It is almost fall, after all, and they do have to prepare for a rough winter… but where is she? No signs? No symbols? No messages? I said to Bob on the phone tonight that I’m pretty sure that things have not “ended”. I don’t know what I have to substantiate that with, but… it’s just a feeling that I have. And sure enough, when I came home, I rushed right up the bedroom, and in the next post is the email I wrote to Bob…

August 29, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bob got up early Sunday morning to go fishing at the fishing pond. Once he had gone I couldn’t sleep anymore and I felt the strong pull of a good cup of weekend morning coffee, so I got up myself and went to join him. It’s about 5 miles or so away. While Bob was having a pretty successful fishing morning (Crappies & Sunnies for his fish tank), I took some pictures of the Arrowhead plant growing there too, which is the only place I’ve ever seen it – it does need standing water, after all, and there’s nothing more “standing” than the water in that pond. It’s the first time I have really noticed the leaf of it close up live. I’ve included a picture below, and labeled the 2 important elements to distinguish them from all the lily pads. The flower in this picture is very similar to the stem of them that were brought by Nuttah. The leaf, Bob commented, and I agreed with him, looks more like the head of donkey: 2 ears, long face. Maybe they’ve evolved over the last hundred years into this shape.

A good example of the "arrowhead" leaf. This one is growing in the pond. Picture taken 8-29-10

August 26, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What has happened to our girl??, I asked Bob plaintively tonight – she is MIA. The last thing that happened was the flowers, and now?… who knows. I do hope something happens this weekend. I don’t know what to make of the silence. Bob is worried too.

August 25, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Curiously, there has been nothing at all since the 18th, when I was so excited about getting flowers. No activity at all. Nothing moved on the dresser, no notes in the notebook, no visions, no reports from Bob. Although, in our discussions, I have asked him if anything is happening, and the answers to me seem slightly evasive. The only thing that I can report that is new, is the introduction of Kate to the journals. A couple weeks ago she had asked us if anything related to the stuff she’d heard about last winter was still happening. I guess since stuff was so fresh and new to us, having happened just that week, we might have looked a bit… shall we say… hesitant to answer in a forthright way. Well, she picked up on that right away, and the gist of this conversation was that we agreed to share the journals I’ve been keeping with her. We were not going to elaborate on it right then and there, but she could read the journals over time.  I’ve kept a written narrative of everything that has gone on since it began last December or January. I guess it is okay now that she is no longer living with us. That was our original reason for not sharing the info with Kate – she lived here then, and we thought the stuff that was happening would really put her over the edge. I was so freaked out at times, I did not want to impart that on to her. We did tell Stewey, but at the time, he was away at college and it was not happening under the same roof he was under. So… Kate has read Part 1, the original moving of things about the room, and tonight I gave her Part 2a. I divided Part 2 into “a”, and “b”, so as not to give the whole thing away at once, because it will be in Part 2b, that she learns her own Dad’s role in all of this. Not sure how she will take that…

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August 23, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Email back from Bob: I will have to look [at the plant pictures] tomorrow or tonight on a regular screen, too small on this screen.

I was listening to coast on the way in this morning, there was a guest and some callers that had some very similar experiences, at least in some respects, to me. It definitely made me think I am not alone in the looney bin. All said that when they are in the different place the obvious questions to us do not always occur to them. It is not directed by them, they are directed. Kind of interesting.

Me: Oh, also what I read about that plant says that they grow in “still water”. None of that along the creek! I heard part of Coast2Coast, but when I was listening, it was someone who was talking about aliens and hybrids, I think. Don’t worry though, I can’t even think of the obvious questions anymore. I was having a sense of a vision last night; swirly motion more than anything else, but with something white mixed in. As far as you know was she there? This could have been after you left though.

And from Bob: There was still water along creek. The coast show was about aliens, but it had some VERY similar experiences. Too similar to be coincidence. I don’t know of any visits, but certainly could have been after I left. I did sleep pretty soundly though.

August 19, 2010

Emails about event #96: Aug. 19, 2010

Here is the email that I sent Bob about the flowers received that day:


This is the picture I took in 2009 at a pond where Bob goes fishing. Until Nuttah brought "her sample", I was never able to ID this plant

I was able to ID the flower — it’s called an Arrowhead or “wapato” plant. It is the leaf that is shaped like an arrowhead. The Lenape harvested them for the tubers, which are also called “duck potatoes“. They were eaten — do you think this is something that I did? (collected them?) If it revives in the morning, I’ll send you a picture, but I actually did have one of them in my files that I was never able to identify. I took this picture at your fishing pond. Wapato is an aquatic plant and I shot this picture one of the times you were fishing there. It was Sept. of last year. I couldn’t ID it because the pictures I had did not include enough info. By the way, it is closely related to a “water plantain”. Maybe we’ve been confused about what Plantain is. I don’t know where this flower is growing around here, or if it is — I’ve yet to see it. We may have to go on a search. Any other incidents after we talked last night?

And then the morning of the 19th, Bob writes to me:

It would appear that it was one of the things you did. Interesting. I couldn’t imagine what you were doing with them, but she said you understood them better then most, whatever that means, and it was a special plant to you. Obviously I didn’t get my wish to just sleep through last night. It wasn’t a big thing though, just brief visit to the creek with Nuttah, one of the elders and my puppies. Figure out the opening line. Wobble On!

And my email back:
Huh. Well, I’ll go look at what “mother” was again. Perhaps that is a nickname, like ma-ma. If “Anati” is “Mother”, is “An’na” “Mom”? When you say it was one of the things that I did, do you mean the harvesting of them? Did I and the other women go digging for these plants? I got the idea from my readings that the Lenape ate them like potatoes. The flowers did spring back by the way. This morning, it much more closely resembles the plant I photographed at the pond, because the petals spread out. I’ll take you a picture when I get back from the wobble. Oh – I also just noticed the top buds bloomed overnight. By the way were you able to find out last night where this is growing? Or did this come from HER time??

A 2nd picture of the flowers Nuttah brought. This time I set them up outside.

And Bob’s email to me:
They grew by the creek in swamp areas, which makes sense if you say you took pics of them at the pond, although I didn’t see them last I was there. But that could be because it was early and they weren’t open or not blooming yet or I am oblivious. My bet is the latter. All the women participated in the gathering, but you/her Mom had a special relationship to the plant. Don’t ask, I don’t know. Didn’t think to ask if it was from her time line or ours, although, where are they near us?

“An’na” (I’m not sure on spelling, just going by sound, guess and go) is what her Father called her Mother when she was pregnant with her. She became very sad when she said it, which in turn created great sadness in me, doing it right now as a matter of fact. It is the only name she heard her Father refer to her Mother as, he never had any relationship after her, the elder joint said that to me. But I think she told me that before too. The elder was impressed by that, and very close to her Father. I suspect he was related to her Mother, but no one has stated that. Harvest ON!

Me to Bob:
I’m thinking more and more that they are from her time. See if you can find out. A cursory look around here has not revealed them, and in all my time taking flower pics here, I’ve never seen them along our creek – otherwise there would be one in my collection. However, the one at the pond was hidden under other stuff, it grew right next to that little metal bridge and I discovered it under lots of other flora one time when you were fishing. Took about a dozen pics then but none of them are great. These could not have been growing that way though – I mean the one she brought. Because of it’s length, it is not stunted or growing under something – we would see it I think if it was here. Also, this plant requires “standing” water, like the water at the pond. Maybe there used to be standing water along the creek somewhere, but we both know there isn’t anymore. And this stuff could not grow in the creek. Pic on its way…

Bob to me: Pretty flowie. Why do you not think they are from our time line? We obviously have them.

Me: Only because they are not growing right here. The other flowers she has brought were right in our yard. I will look this weekend, but they are not here where I can see them — and also, it would kind of make sense, given that I had something to do with that plant, in particular — you know, she brought you a significant stone — brought me a plant?? Who knows. I need a visit!

August 18, 2010

Event #96: Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am so excited. I got flowers again! On immediate inspection, I don’t recognize them, and I do not know where these came from, but I do know they are not from our yard OR from the creek, and that is also a first. Bob found them on my bedside table when he came home. He put them in the sink to soak up some water, because they had obviously been inside here for the better part of the day. They are kind of beginning to spring back a bit, and I’m going to spend some time now, as late as it is, trying to identify them in one of my wildflower books. These are fascinating. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen anything like them. That is why it is so exciting, because I had at least THOUGHT – if not actually verbalized to Bob that it would be really cool if she brought some flowers from her era… perhaps?? But then it turns out that these were not that hard to identify. Now tomorrow, or on the weekend, I will go out to the creek and see if I can find them, because apparently they do come from the area, although I’m pretty sure I would have noticed if they were from right here.

The Arrowhead plant gets its name from the shape of the leaf. This picture I found on the internet.

It is an aquatic plant called (coincidentally) the “arrowhead plant”. Here is a little excerpt from my wildflower book about this “arrowhead plant”. (Curious, isn’t it that she brings something called that – a word we so closely identify with Native Americans).

And from the book:
Arrowhead:  Wapato – This aquatic plant is closely related to Water Plantain. Several similar species with arrowhead-shaped leaves are distinguished from one another by technical features. Beneath the muck, rhizomes produced edible, starchy tubers, utilized by ducks and muskrats and known as “duck potatoes.” Native Americans are said to have opened muskrat houses to get at their cache of tubers.

I also found this on a web site, when I searched that curious word up there “wapato”:
In the fall, the Native Americans sought out the fat arrowhead-shaped leaves of Wapato (Sagittaria latifolia), poking out of the mud along pond edges, to harvest the plant’s potato-like tubers called water nuts.
(I wonder if this was something I did?) And below I have included the picture that I took of Nuttah’s sprig of flowers the next morning after they revived in water. It was actually quite a large stalk of a plant, about a foot long:

The Arrowhead or "Wapato" Plant, left for me by Nuttah

August 16, 2010

Event #95: Monday, August 16, 2010

This morning I made a slight change on the dresser, and that brought about another change by Nuttah tonight. Or I guess it could have been sometime today. I forget exactly how I left things, but I do know roughly how I left things, and there is a definite change. For instance, she changed a heart from pointing at her so there is one pointing at Bob and one at me. In the picture I have included below, the little silver charm is pointed at me, and then the bigger floral heart is pointed at Bob. (Nuttah sits on a leaf-picture I took that I printed out; the leaf is shaped like a heart)

In front of Bob, she lined up the blue egg (representing the comet, we think) and then his stone is in front of that, and on top of the stone, she arranged the crab legs, which is no easy task given the tininess of each thing. The wolves are arranged next to Bob. Then lastly, the silver turtle-charm is facing the whole group. I used a large picture here, so all the elements could be seen.

A number of changes: Bob is aligned with "his stone", the claws and the egg (meteor), and a heart points at each of us