Event #90: Monday, August 2, 2010

Bob called me at work tonight, and immediately, I had to ask,
“What’s wrong?”
“Well… she’s here”, he said. “And she’s not alone…”
“The wolves again”, I asked?
“I think so…” replied Bob.
“I came out of the shower, and she was here”, he said. “But she hadn’t been here when I first went in the shower”.

Then, completely out of the blue, Bob asks,
“What is the symbol for my astrology sign??” An odd question, coming from Bob, as he pays no attention ever to astrology. Poo-poohs it, in fact. So I could not imagine why he was asking.
“You mean Capricorn?” I asked. “It’s a goat.” I said.
“Why?” I wondered.
“I’m not sure… there is some connection… but with Cosmology – not Astrology – and it’s not the right sign, I thought it might be the crab… because there is something to those crab legs.” Bob responded.
“Oh – so you mean she did put them on the wall?”
“Yeah – and tonight she has moved stuff.” Bob continued.
“Moved stuff where?” I wondered.
“On the dresser.”
“And she has company?” I asked.
“I’m pretty sure the wolfeys are with her.” was his answer.
“What was moved on the dresser?” I wondered.
“The crab legs are arranged in the shape of a heart on the edge of the bureau. And the blue eggshell, I apparently ‘should have gotten’ before – I should have understood it… because it’s blue. It’s related to the meteor – the blue comet.” Bob explained.
“What about the white bird, does that have any meaning?” I wondered.
“Yes, it’s a symbol, and it has to do with you. The other things – the crab legs and the eggshell, they are connected to the bird somehow.” Bob explained.
“Do you know what it means?” I asked.
“No.” Bob said.
“Can you ask her? Sort of give a mental image of the white bird with a question mark?” I wondered.
“She won’t know what a question mark is.” was Bob’s response.
“I know – but maybe you can just go up at the end, like a question… white bird???” I suggested.
“Not here I can’t – when I’m there I can.”
“So, what else moved?” I wondered.

All the characters on the dresser turned to look at Bob

“All of the characters on the dresser – I’ve got an audience. And Joe was freaked. He’s okay now, he’s at the side of the bed… looking down… looking at them. He just put his paw out at one of them – it’s like he’s putting it on them. He knows something is there. There is a very intense feeling in the room right now, more intense than when it is just her. She’s REALLY pushing… Joey is just sitting there, and he keeps pawing. Right now, he’s not freaked at all. This is just so weird. He just walked off the edge of the bed, and he’s hanging at the bottom of it and now it looks like he’s rubbing up against something.” Bob explained.
I commented about how Joey would probably bolt without question if I was to suddenly walk through the doorway with even a life-size STUFFED wolf, and here, something was going on where he is only just intrigued by them; paws them, and rubs against them. Again, it must be what Nuttah does to calm things.

Bob continued: “My heart is beating a mile a minute.”
“Is she only with the wolves?” I asked.
“Yeah… yeah… ” and he heaved a big sigh.

Nuttah arranges the claws into a heart shape, with the egg on the corner of the dresser -- also pointing at Bob

“I’ve got to figure out what the blue meteor is… it has some real significance in the whole picture. Can you look that up sometime?” Bob requested.

I had already done that on at least one occasion. And I had found something about a blue meteor/comet in Hopi culture that had to do with world destruction. I told Bob this, and I will try to find what I had read, and copy it into here too. That doesn’t mean that it is the same as the Lenape prophecy, or the same as the blue meteor that is related to Nuttah’s father…

“Keep in mind her main focus is to protect us – she will at least try to tell us.” and Bob let out another big sigh.
“Can you reach out and touch the wolves?” I asked.
“No – there I can, yes. But not here – this is different.” he explained.
“Did you hear her enter this time?” I asked.
“No, but I think it was while I was moving around the room, wrapping up my shower and stuff.”
And then I had a thought: “If the stuff moved on the bureau while you were there, don’t you think you would have seen it moving?”
And Bob’s response: “Yeah – but I didn’t. I can’t really figure out why, because it had to have happened just now while I was laying here.”

I think Bob was suddenly realizing this, that the relocation of the objects on the bureau had literally just happened, and he would have witnessed it had he been looking to the left.

“But you’d think I would have to have seen it in my peripheral vision”, he said. “But I didn’t see or hear anything.”
“I know, that is so weird.” was my response.
“It does seem like it’s sort of blipped in & out.”
“What do you mean blipped?” I asked.
“I guess sort of like the things are envisioned by Nuttah where she wants them, and then they just appear there. So the movement could probably go undetected, especially if I wasn’t looking right at it. I would have noticed motion out of my peripheral vision.” Bob realized. “I have two wolves and a woman in my room” Bob mused.
“It’s just too weird.” I agreed.
“Oh… man, this is weird. Nuttah I’m used to at this point, but… I mean this happened right at this moment. And now I have Joe back – he’s back up on the bed. His heart is pounding too – like I’ve never felt it.”
“They are certainly well-behaved wolves.” I noticed.
“They are always well-behaved.” commented Bob.
“Does the arrangement on the dresser have some meaning?” I wondered.
“I think it is something cosmological – something having to do with the crab constellation. But who knows what they called their constellations, not what we call ours.” Bob responded.
“So why did you ask me about goats?” I wondered.
“I didn’t.” responded Bob, “I asked you about Capricorn…”
“Oh yeah, that’s right.” I remembered.
“I may not be here when you get home… ” Mark lamented.
“Well, you better come back!” I exclaimed.

So when I came home, I immediately went upstairs. Laying in the pathway on the way to the bedroom downstairs is the book “Joe & Me”, again, placed directly in the path as you make your way to our bedroom upstairs. And on the dresser, the crawfish “crab” legs are sure enough in a heart-shape on the corner of the dresser, where the heart-charm often was placed; the 1/2 of the blue egg shell is directly behind it, as in the picture above. Remember, that eggshell is only about as big as a dime. Nuttah, Bob & myself are all turned to face the bed, and there is a readjustment of the other objects such as Nuttah’s stone, the other heart-charms and the little turtle. Like he said, Bob has an audience; the 3 of us pointed toward the bed, Nuttah has the stone heart in front of her with a small turtle charm perched on it… I have a smaller stone “heart” in front of me, and the other objects are lined up next to Bob.


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