Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Excerpts of today’s emails, but referring to last night:
Bob: I am not sure why but I am very tired this morning. Could be having wolf puppies scampering around the room making a racket. Were the claws and eggshell still on the corner of the dresser last night?
By the way, I heard you come up at 11:48 last night, I opened my eyes briefly to see you enter the room, but you were not you. You were smaller and had long hair, but I perceived you as you and immediately fell back to sleep. I could only see you as silhouette , but I knew it was you. Pretty odd now that I write this. See if you can find any connection with blue, or any color meteors and/or comets and the Lenape. Seems to be taking a center stage again. Everything seems a little off center today. I don’t seem to be quite in synch with things. All seems odd and foreign.

And me back to Bob: The claws and shell were both still on the dresser corner. Were the puppies making a racket? Can you hear them? Who do you think I was when you saw my silhouette, or were you seeing me through “his” eyes, do you think? So I guess you stayed in the bedroom last night. I didn’t pick up her presence at all when I came to bed. I will work on that meteor connection tonight. My previous attempt resulted in nothing directly Lenape, but definitely Native American prophecies revolve around it.

Bob then elaborated later that night on that experience of seeing “me” come up to the room last night, but it wasn’t “me”, Lois. It was the “me” of “Then”, if that makes sense. Somehow he was seeing me as I was in “her era”. He said I looked much smaller, and also much further away, as if the bedroom was really a lot larger. Very strange.


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