Event #91: Thursday, August 5, 2010

I took a picture of how I left everything so I could remember

I took a picture of the way that I left the bureau this morning. This is just so that I am sure when there are future changes. The picture is to the left.

When I got home Thursday evening, I went upstairs to change, and noticed nothing amiss in the room. The bureau arrangement was just as I’d left it that morning. It’s getting complicated with all those little objects, and I usually can’t remember where I put stuff anyway, so it’s good to take a picture, that way I know definitely if stuff moved. Otherwise, I would just guess, unless it was something really obvious. Sometimes it is (really obvious), other times it’s pretty subtle. Which is why when I did finally come up and lay down in bed, I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t seen this. I didn’t even notice it right away, but as I’m adjusting myself in bed, something above me caught my eye, and I realized that after all this time, she has rearranged, of all things, the ducks again! There we are, like a little duck family; the 3 of us moved to the edge of the closet, the big “Dad” duck, the “Mama” duck, and little Nuttah duck right between us. The other 2 little ducks were left where they had been. Here is a photo. Here is the email I sent Bob about it:

The ducks moved yet again

On another note, I thought nothing in the room was re-arranged until I laid down in bed — and then I saw… the DUCKS. She hasn’t moved the ducks in months, but there we are like a little duck family, the Dad, the Mom, and Nuttah with the little yellow ribbon around her neck arranged toward the end of the closet with her between us. How cute. I’ll send you a picture.

And he wrote this back to me:
I haven’t had time to write but, yes, Nuttah was there at 10:08 last night. I woke to her calling “nuxa” or nuca, something like that. I knew immediately it was “father” though, which is kind of interesting. I’m sure I have heard it before.

My return email: Did you wake up at any point last night and think that Nuttah was there? I was wondering if I was getting  the sense of her maybe around midnight…

Bob to me: She was there until at least 1AM.

Any mine to Bob: Yeah, I thought so. I was up alot, and getting visions. Nothing I can identify, though, unfortunately.

And then Bob back to me: M R DUCKS. They b funny. She hasn’t messed with ducks in a long time. As strange as it is, it would feel strange if this all suddenly stopped. I worried about her the time we had a hiatus, last thing I need is more to worry about.

And then there was one other odd event that I also think happened on Thursday night, but Bob can’t remember for sure. I know I came up to the bedroom and I found Joe downstairs, not upstairs in bed where he usually is. Finding him downstairs lately, means that there is a reason he is down there. And this night, according to what Bob told me later, it was Bob that spooked Joe. Well, sort of… it was the person of Bob, but apparently he did not look like Bob– he looked like what he might have looked like “then“. This has happened before; once with the dogs, who of course should have recognized him, but didn’t. And our theory is that Bob’s appearance at least, has changed into his Lenape character at least twice now that he knows of. Then there was that time that I mentioned in a previous post where I looked different to Bob.

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