Event #92: Monday, August 9, 2010

I will relate the happenings of the previous night through excerpts of the emails that we sent back and forth on Tuesday, the 10th.

Me to Bob: On yet another note, was Nuttah in the room last night? If so, I may have something to report, but it makes no sense. I had a pretty clear vision “flash” of something.

Bob: Yes, we had a rather unusual visit last night, I was waiting to see if you were aware before I said anything. She and the puppies were there and left numerous times last night, actually made some noise two times. First was about 10:30 and then in and out rapidly after that. Maybe she is moving her stuff in, if I won’t go to her place, she will move in with us! Just kidding, but it was an odd occurrence last night, unlike all the normal ones.

ME:  Huh. Well, I will report the vision I had then. Early in the night, when I first shut off the TV, I was getting a purple-swirling vision, I can’t identify anything that it was about, except it was quite pretty, and if I was to relate the shapes and patterns to anything, it was maybe floral or plant-life. But it was a deep purple against black, so it was subtle at best. The second one occurred much later. I think it might have been after I got up to use the bathroom, and I think also you may have been awake. I did not look at the clock, so I’ve no idea what time it was, but it was hours after I went to bed, I think. Then as soon as I closed my eyes, I had a flash of a vision on a clear white background. My impression was of an insect. I don’t know why, and it seems to make no sense, but it seemed like a large and maybe very colorful insect. Although, those birds from Avatar kind of enter my mind too, like maybe instead of insect, was it a bird? Whatever it was had a lot to it; lots of color and lots of detail, too much to discern in the one quick flash I had. Then maybe 2 subsequent visions that might have been closer detail of the first vision, although maybe were separate visions. I was left with the impression of an insect. Does that make any sense at all or seem relevant to anything? I didn’t hear any of the noise, and was not aware of the wolf puppies. What else was odd about her visit(s) last night?

Bob: Yes, they were there when you got up, it was 2 something. What you are seeing was, amazingly, what I asked her to show you, although not precisely. I said to her a week or two ago you wanted to see jewelry, I should have been more precise. You are seeing insects, I was unsure of the purpose of them when I saw the women working with them, first in what appeared to be some brine like solution and then drying them.

They are a variety of different colorful bugs that they make hard as stone and incorporate into the jewelry. I didn’t recognize the bugs for the most part. That is what I believe you are “seeing”. There is one more thing that I asked her to show you. We’ll see.

Me: Wow, that is amazing! Here I thought the insect image just so out-of-the-blue that maybe it was irrelevant. The way it came to me though, was so similar to the way I saw that flash of the garden scene, and it was so precise and clear and unmistakably “something” that I had to log it and report it. So I’m happy to see that it turned out to be relevant, and that she is trying to communicate and that it is working. Even more amazing is that you were able to request that. So I’m anxious to see what the other thing is. Maybe tonight. Boy is this strange. Strange, different, and amazing.


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