Event #93: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday evening, coming into the bedroom, I found some new writing in the notebook again. I’ve included a picture of it below. I did try to look up the words, and I will relate this event with excerpts of our emails back and forth on Wed., August 11. But first, the picture, and my interpretation:

New words in the notebook, a mix of English/Lenape

I will translate Bob’s writing:

(A lot of scribbled, and crossed out words on the left and then):
(2 more lines of scribbled out words, then):
KASKI (scribble) LESSEN”

And then my email of the next morning about it to Bob:
And now to your experience last night. Your writing is really hard to read, but I brought it downstairs last night to try and plug in the words. I had left the results open on my computer, but then during the night, the computer rebooted, so now I have to do it again. It was hard to find too; the spelling was a little off 😉
I’m confused about the fact that it is meant for me… esp. when I found the meaning, or what I thought to be the meaning. Maybe you can shed some light on the whole thing, I hope. And the writing [style] is like the night that you wrote of the mammoths… was this a freaky incident for some reason? This is the best I could do, is it correct? What was she trying to say? Also did you GO there last night?

Lenape: Chinke hèch xu këmachi?
English: When will you go home?

Lenape: Kàski lësin.
English: You can do it.

I will anxiously await your answer! Ktaholel

And then Bob’s return email:
How the F#@k do you find it!? Is it individual words? Actually don’t tell me where, I am staying away from all present “knowledge”. Yes, I went to her place with puppies. I am very, very tired today. Between this heat and not sleeping well and then last night really disrupted things for me. Exhausted.
She was focused on getting info to you. Asking “when will you allow yourself to come home”. She insists you are able to come home if you allow it. That was her main point. I told her to tell you not me. That irritated her a bit. As if to say “don’t you think I would if I could dumbass”. She is extremely happy though, such a change from the sadness of the beginning. The obvious joy she gets from just being together is amazing.
I watched two older women preparing food on a stone table type thing similar to the instruments I remember the Maya used, I guess it is just a logical development.
Stone crazy. I need a break.
I feel stupid writing this.

And then mine to Bob:
That’s so weird, and it’s kind of dismaying, because I really don’t feel like there is anything that I do to “stop” it. I don’t really feel like it is up to me, just like you didn’t. You did not have a choice about whether to go… and I don’t know why I should. And given the choice, I feel I have made myself available to go … but then I don’t. It makes me feel like I have not achieved something… sort of like the yoga-meditative state of mind, or pure enlightenment, or a drug-induced state. What would it be? You don’t know because you just went — with no thought process involved. I always sort of feel that the thought process is what is getting in the way — it is probably better to go without knowing what is happening, like you did. I don’t know what else to do? Can you find out? Where does my head have to be? (besides on the pillow). So it seems she has trouble getting through to me. And you thought you were dense. You know when you got up this morning, I thought you had gone downstairs for something, and then you were doing something in the room because I was hearing noises that sounded like you moving around, and I was really surprised when I lifted my head and you were in fact in the shower. I could have sworn you were in the room doing something. Did we have company then? Other than that, I had no other sense of her last night — no visions, no swirling, nothing.

[My email here continues but some explanation is in order. I had gone to a festival with Dan & Elaine and a couple of their kids + Kate, so this part of the email refers to that]:

The "Turtle" connections always make me think of this and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"

Last night when I bought that stained glass, (which I think is the right size and which I hope you will like) I was describing to Elaine and Dan what we were going to do with it, and I mentioned that it’s for the window where Cheryl’s husband had a turtle stained-glass hanging at one time.  Elaine turned around and said, “You know Cheryl had a turtle tattooed on her butt”.
Huh, says I, thinking that’s an interesting little tidbit. I may have known that at one time, but it certainly has more significance now.

By the way, the language comes from the same site almost all the time. I take one of your words, and in a search engine type “Lenape and kaski” for example. And usually the first 2 hits are relevant. Last night, I couldn’t get the exact phrase you wrote until I moved several pages into the result, but then there it was:

Kàski lësin. Amazing.
ktaholël, W-Up


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