Event #94: Thursday, August 12, 2010

I had what I thought was a “vision”, and I kept forgetting to mention it to Bob, because it was not in the category of the other “visions” I had, which were so unmistakably clear. However, to me it kind of qualified as a vision, simply because of the randomness of it, so I took a stab. When I brought it up to Bob, I prefaced my experience with the fact that I was not sure, but…

What had happened, was that I was sleeping, and awoke and had a mild swirling sensation in my head, which I’ve come to realize may mean the presence of Nuttah. I simply observe and try to remember what I see. And out of the depths of this swirling vision, I saw a turtle. Only this time it was not a clear imprint, as in “Whoa – that’s a turtle!”. It was more like it grew out of the nebulous clouds of the swirling that was going on, like they came together and suddenly I recognized a shape. And also unlike the previous two visions, it was not bright and clear. It was a dark blue turtle, several ranges of blues actually, against the dark swirling blackness that is always the backdrop to the “liquid-motion” type visions. The turtle was “swimming” like the clouds too; very liquid motion. No color other than hues of different very dark blues, but very clearly a turtle. As I’m revealing to Bob what the shape was, a look of knowing recognition crept onto his face and a slight smile – so I asked,

“Is this a vision then, and does it have some meaning?
“Well, that was the third thing that I asked her to show you”, he said.
“Oh!” I responded – “but why the turtle?”
“Well, because you asked – you wanted to know what the turtle looked like. So there have been 3 requests from me to show you things, and she has come through with each one, and you have reported it back that you’ve seen it.”
“Oh… wow”, I said, as I realized I had now clearly seen 3 visions: the garden/crop field, the insect that turned out to be related to the jewelry/beadwork that they did, and now the turtle.

Bob also wanted me to try to fix up the “jewelry” turtle on the dresser to look like it had when she did it. It has become somewhat corrupted.  I will have to look at one of the original photos of it. My attempts to fix it right have been unsuccessful, according to Bob, but he is trying to match it with a vision that was seared in his mind.

So after this conversation about the turtle vision, I said that there were some other things that I was interested in knowing, and perhaps he could impart that to her?

“I’ll try”, he said, “What are they?”
“Well… I would like to know my name.” I responded.
“That appears to be more difficult.” Bob stated. “I don’t think she can say it.”
Why not?” I wondered.

A frame for a Sweat Lodge. Maybe it's not that hard to build.

“I think it might have something to do with either the way you passed, or the fact that you passed. There may be a superstition about saying that person’s name out loud.” Bob said.
“Oh.” I said, “Then forget that one. Don’t want to buck tradition. I can let that one go. But the other thing that really interests me is the bead work. I would really like to see how they made the beads close up. And then also what they did with the beads. And then of course I still want to see how to build a sweat lodge.” I said ‘somewhat’ jokingly… although it is something I have given some thought to. I think we need one.


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