Event #95: Monday, August 16, 2010

This morning I made a slight change on the dresser, and that brought about another change by Nuttah tonight. Or I guess it could have been sometime today. I forget exactly how I left things, but I do know roughly how I left things, and there is a definite change. For instance, she changed a heart from pointing at her so there is one pointing at Bob and one at me. In the picture I have included below, the little silver charm is pointed at me, and then the bigger floral heart is pointed at Bob. (Nuttah sits on a leaf-picture I took that I printed out; the leaf is shaped like a heart)

In front of Bob, she lined up the blue egg (representing the comet, we think) and then his stone is in front of that, and on top of the stone, she arranged the crab legs, which is no easy task given the tininess of each thing. The wolves are arranged next to Bob. Then lastly, the silver turtle-charm is facing the whole group. I used a large picture here, so all the elements could be seen.

A number of changes: Bob is aligned with "his stone", the claws and the egg (meteor), and a heart points at each of us


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