Emails about event #96: Aug. 19, 2010

Here is the email that I sent Bob about the flowers received that day:


This is the picture I took in 2009 at a pond where Bob goes fishing. Until Nuttah brought "her sample", I was never able to ID this plant

I was able to ID the flower — it’s called an Arrowhead or “wapato” plant. It is the leaf that is shaped like an arrowhead. The Lenape harvested them for the tubers, which are also called “duck potatoes“. They were eaten — do you think this is something that I did? (collected them?) If it revives in the morning, I’ll send you a picture, but I actually did have one of them in my files that I was never able to identify. I took this picture at your fishing pond. Wapato is an aquatic plant and I shot this picture one of the times you were fishing there. It was Sept. of last year. I couldn’t ID it because the pictures I had did not include enough info. By the way, it is closely related to a “water plantain”. Maybe we’ve been confused about what Plantain is. I don’t know where this flower is growing around here, or if it is — I’ve yet to see it. We may have to go on a search. Any other incidents after we talked last night?

And then the morning of the 19th, Bob writes to me:

It would appear that it was one of the things you did. Interesting. I couldn’t imagine what you were doing with them, but she said you understood them better then most, whatever that means, and it was a special plant to you. Obviously I didn’t get my wish to just sleep through last night. It wasn’t a big thing though, just brief visit to the creek with Nuttah, one of the elders and my puppies. Figure out the opening line. Wobble On!

And my email back:
Huh. Well, I’ll go look at what “mother” was again. Perhaps that is a nickname, like ma-ma. If “Anati” is “Mother”, is “An’na” “Mom”? When you say it was one of the things that I did, do you mean the harvesting of them? Did I and the other women go digging for these plants? I got the idea from my readings that the Lenape ate them like potatoes. The flowers did spring back by the way. This morning, it much more closely resembles the plant I photographed at the pond, because the petals spread out. I’ll take you a picture when I get back from the wobble. Oh – I also just noticed the top buds bloomed overnight. By the way were you able to find out last night where this is growing? Or did this come from HER time??

A 2nd picture of the flowers Nuttah brought. This time I set them up outside.

And Bob’s email to me:
They grew by the creek in swamp areas, which makes sense if you say you took pics of them at the pond, although I didn’t see them last I was there. But that could be because it was early and they weren’t open or not blooming yet or I am oblivious. My bet is the latter. All the women participated in the gathering, but you/her Mom had a special relationship to the plant. Don’t ask, I don’t know. Didn’t think to ask if it was from her time line or ours, although, where are they near us?

“An’na” (I’m not sure on spelling, just going by sound, guess and go) is what her Father called her Mother when she was pregnant with her. She became very sad when she said it, which in turn created great sadness in me, doing it right now as a matter of fact. It is the only name she heard her Father refer to her Mother as, he never had any relationship after her, the elder joint said that to me. But I think she told me that before too. The elder was impressed by that, and very close to her Father. I suspect he was related to her Mother, but no one has stated that. Harvest ON!

Me to Bob:
I’m thinking more and more that they are from her time. See if you can find out. A cursory look around here has not revealed them, and in all my time taking flower pics here, I’ve never seen them along our creek – otherwise there would be one in my collection. However, the one at the pond was hidden under other stuff, it grew right next to that little metal bridge and I discovered it under lots of other flora one time when you were fishing. Took about a dozen pics then but none of them are great. These could not have been growing that way though – I mean the one she brought. Because of it’s length, it is not stunted or growing under something – we would see it I think if it was here. Also, this plant requires “standing” water, like the water at the pond. Maybe there used to be standing water along the creek somewhere, but we both know there isn’t anymore. And this stuff could not grow in the creek. Pic on its way…

Bob to me: Pretty flowie. Why do you not think they are from our time line? We obviously have them.

Me: Only because they are not growing right here. The other flowers she has brought were right in our yard. I will look this weekend, but they are not here where I can see them — and also, it would kind of make sense, given that I had something to do with that plant, in particular — you know, she brought you a significant stone — brought me a plant?? Who knows. I need a visit!


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