Monday, August 23, 2010

Email back from Bob: I will have to look [at the plant pictures] tomorrow or tonight on a regular screen, too small on this screen.

I was listening to coast on the way in this morning, there was a guest and some callers that had some very similar experiences, at least in some respects, to me. It definitely made me think I am not alone in the looney bin. All said that when they are in the different place the obvious questions to us do not always occur to them. It is not directed by them, they are directed. Kind of interesting.

Me: Oh, also what I read about that plant says that they grow in “still water”. None of that along the creek! I heard part of Coast2Coast, but when I was listening, it was someone who was talking about aliens and hybrids, I think. Don’t worry though, I can’t even think of the obvious questions anymore. I was having a sense of a vision last night; swirly motion more than anything else, but with something white mixed in. As far as you know was she there? This could have been after you left though.

And from Bob: There was still water along creek. The coast show was about aliens, but it had some VERY similar experiences. Too similar to be coincidence. I don’t know of any visits, but certainly could have been after I left. I did sleep pretty soundly though.


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