Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Curiously, there has been nothing at all since the 18th, when I was so excited about getting flowers. No activity at all. Nothing moved on the dresser, no notes in the notebook, no visions, no reports from Bob. Although, in our discussions, I have asked him if anything is happening, and the answers to me seem slightly evasive. The only thing that I can report that is new, is the introduction of Kate to the journals. A couple weeks ago she had asked us if anything related to the stuff she’d heard about last winter was still happening. I guess since stuff was so fresh and new to us, having happened just that week, we might have looked a bit… shall we say… hesitant to answer in a forthright way. Well, she picked up on that right away, and the gist of this conversation was that we agreed to share the journals I’ve been keeping with her. We were not going to elaborate on it right then and there, but she could read the journals over time.  I’ve kept a written narrative of everything that has gone on since it began last December or January. I guess it is okay now that she is no longer living with us. That was our original reason for not sharing the info with Kate – she lived here then, and we thought the stuff that was happening would really put her over the edge. I was so freaked out at times, I did not want to impart that on to her. We did tell Stewey, but at the time, he was away at college and it was not happening under the same roof he was under. So… Kate has read Part 1, the original moving of things about the room, and tonight I gave her Part 2a. I divided Part 2 into “a”, and “b”, so as not to give the whole thing away at once, because it will be in Part 2b, that she learns her own Dad’s role in all of this. Not sure how she will take that…

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