Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bob got up early Sunday morning to go fishing at the fishing pond. Once he had gone I couldn’t sleep anymore and I felt the strong pull of a good cup of weekend morning coffee, so I got up myself and went to join him. It’s about 5 miles or so away. While Bob was having a pretty successful fishing morning (Crappies & Sunnies for his fish tank), I took some pictures of the Arrowhead plant growing there too, which is the only place I’ve ever seen it – it does need standing water, after all, and there’s nothing more “standing” than the water in that pond. It’s the first time I have really noticed the leaf of it close up live. I’ve included a picture below, and labeled the 2 important elements to distinguish them from all the lily pads. The flower in this picture is very similar to the stem of them that were brought by Nuttah. The leaf, Bob commented, and I agreed with him, looks more like the head of donkey: 2 ears, long face. Maybe they’ve evolved over the last hundred years into this shape.

A good example of the "arrowhead" leaf. This one is growing in the pond. Picture taken 8-29-10


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