Event #97: Monday, August 30, 2010

N U T T A H Returns!!

We had a visit! I don’t know if it was after you went to bed, or you just did not notice on the dresser — “She” is turned to face “us”, the hearts are rearranged to point at “us”, and your little “cosmo-gram” (to steal an Ute word) is arranged in front of you. It has all the charm that only Nuttah is capable of that we have missed since 8/18, when the flowers appeared. I will send you a picture tomorrow. I’m also curious to know if she communicated with you, or if she just left the dresser message. ktaholël, awup

And then Bob’s email Tuesday morning to me:

I hope that is true. Are you sure you didn’t change the arrangement? I look when I come up but I am not sure if you change it or Nuttah changes it. I hope it was her. She was facing the mirror when I came up last night, but I don’t have glasses on so I can’t see the rest. I hope it is her.
I had a text from Kate this morning saying she was reading the journal and fighting tears the entire time. She said sad doesn’t begin to describe what she felt reading it. What is she reading? I know just reading her text in the car this morning almost made me break down. The sadness is so deep, I can remember it so clearly, I don’t want any of us to feel that way ever again. Getting too sad just thinking about it. Have to stop. Send a picture please. I hope it is her. ktaholël

The return of Nuttah - our characters re-arranged. Hearts point at "me & Bob", "Cosmogram" arranged in the center: egg/stone/claws. My earrings still sit in the foreground as the legs to Nuttah's "Turtle"

And me back to Bob: Oh, it is definitely her. I have been playing with the arrangement on occasion, just to see if she will reappear, and I had done something that morning — but what I came up to last night was not it. I had not left her facing us, she had pointed out into the room between us. Also, she put those little claws on TOP of your stone, I had arranged them with the egg in a line. I’m not sure what else she changed, the hearts maybe. So it was before you came up then. I would not send out a false alarm, it is definitely her change — nothing else was different though. Kate is reading the part where you find out that you are her father, and what happened to you. I guess I will print her part 3 then. I am now starting Part 5! In Part 2, you have not really started “going there” yet — just hints of things that you see. It’s in 3 that you take the trips. I think the history lesson is in Part 3 too. I’ll go take a picture now and send it. ktaholël

Me later: Attached is the picture. She moved herself to face us… the hearts to point at us… and she also moved the egg, stone, and put the claws on top of your stone. It is definitely her. I am glad she is back, wonder where she went.

And Bob to me: I can’t see too well on this screen or through these hurtin’ glasses. I will look later. I am relieved that she is ok, although until I get to sense her presence I won’t be satisfied. Nice stupey figures of us btw, gotta wonder what she thinks of them.

And then later, me to Bob: Kate just wrote me an interesting text response, that never occurred to me, maybe it did to you — “I find it odd/interesting that Daddy has always referred to me as a ‘nut’ or some variation of that word”

NUT — NUTTAH — I never made that connection… did you? Another coincidence? That is interesting. I’m relieved as well — last night I wrote up my harvest theory, but then even when I was talking to you last night, I had the sense she might be back soon. Little did I know she already had been… or maybe I did know… Kate is insisting on Part 3 today!!

And Bob’s response: I think the “nut theory” is a bit nutty. But who knows. All of this could easily be deemed nutty. BTW, Kate is a nut.  Who knows, I don’t discount anything anymore. ktaholël, Awup


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