Event #98: Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I was heading out this morning with our littlest dog Wobbles for our walk. I drive to a path in a park where we walk, and where I can let him out on a 24′ leash. I was approaching a nearby neighbor’s house on a corner, where I stop and make a right. Out of the trees on the far corner launched a flock of birds – probably 30-50 birds; not all that unusual in and of itself, except that what I did take notice of was that they were all pure white. An entire flock of pure-white birds, launching from this not-very-large tree. They did not stay in my view long enough for me to identify the type of birds that they were without question, but my guess was doves or pigeons. They were roughly that size… but WHAT were so many white ones doing there?


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