Event #100: Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bob came downstairs sometime while we were readying to go out for the day, and said I should go up there right now, as “she was there”. I stopped what I was doing, and went over. I had goose bumps and chills as I climbed the stairs and the hair was standing straight up on my arms. I don’t know why; obviously I have been there with her in the past, I just didn’t know it. Bob wanted me to come over so I could see if I could “sense her”. I did not. I got to our bedroom and nothing seemed amiss at all; nothing was moved on the dresser, and I stood in the room and sensed nothing. I waited about 5 minutes – still nothing. So I brought Bob back up to see if he could sense her still, and he said no, she was gone. Huh, I thought. He said he had distinctly heard the sound she makes as she “enters” our time, and then heard her say “An’na”. The word for Mother. But by the time I got over there she was gone. Drat, missed her again.

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