Monday, September 6, 2010

Things are happening relatively infrequently at the moment. First, there was the nearly 2 weeks with nothing – no movement in the bedroom, no contact with Bob… nothing. I cannot say that we did not get worried. I think that I made that clear in previous posts. Anyway, that lull is over, but she does not come with nearly the frequency that she was; maybe the tribe is busy ending up the summer and getting ready for surely what must be a difficult season to get through. But one thing bears writing that happened to me alone Saturday morning while out with Wobbles for our morning jog; we were nearly at the end of a 3 mile jaunt. I had been expecting the return of another dog “walker”; the guy who runs his Irish Setters alongside his barreling bicycle. I am wary of him, because he bears down upon us at this unbelievable speed, and it is all I can do to get all 24 ft. of Wobble’s leash retracted before he is upon us on his barreling mountain bike and the loose-running dogs. So I constantly glance behind me when I know he is down there. So at one point, I heard a noise, and I thought for sure it was him saying something to his dogs to move over, or something, I was not sure what I heard, but I knew I heard something, I knew it was behind me, and I quickly reeled Wobbles in and stepped to the side of the path to let him pass. Yet when I turned around, there was no one there. The noise I heard was a voice, it made a sound of some syllables and then the last of it sounded like “jower”. Rhymes with “shower” but with a “J”. Might have also been closer to “Jowah”. I don’t know what the word was; perhaps it was Lenape. There were multiple unrecognizable syllables though before those last 2. And then, nothing there. Very weird. I was convinced there was someone behind me, but perhaps it was nothing at all. He eventually did turn up with his setters and blasted by me.

An addendum to this post: Months after I started this work, I found a Lenape to English dictionary. Mostly I was finding the words in the
English to Lenape
online dictionary that I’ve mentioned numerous times, but often what I needed was the opposite, especially everytime that Lenape words appeared in the notebook. So I just went to it at this site: and looked at the “J” words. It turns out that “Jawi”, means “on one side”.


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