Event #101: Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2010

Bob sent me this email today:
This morning when I was in the downstairs bathroom drying off I heard someone walk through the foyer, through the laundry area, pass the bathroom and head upstairs. I was sure it was Stewie. I called to him when I got out and when he didn’t answer I searched everywhere. All over downstairs first and then upstairs, making sure no one could get by me unseen or unheard. It was a bit unnerving. No idea what it was, but it was very distinct and clear walking across the floors, no mistaking it. Not a light person either. Nuttah could not make this noise even if she jumped on the floor.

Later that evening, Bob and I talked on the phone and he was still talking about that incident in the morning. This is a new twist, we both agreed, and for some reason, he doesn’t think that it is related to the other stuff going on. I don’t know how he knows that, but that’s enough to freak me out. He had been so sure that Stewie had walked through the downstairs on his way upstairs. But he hadn’t.

Bob also related another odd event that happened on the way home that night. [Can’t hurt to have the song playing again: click this link] Bob was sitting in traffic at one of the major intersections on the way home, heading north. Above him, something caught his eye and he noticed what he described as a giant white bird fly overhead. He said it came from the direction of the east, which would have been to the right, looped through the intersection above him and went back in the direction it flew in from.
“A huge, F-ing white bird”, was how he described it.
“How big?” I asked.
“Roughly three times the size of a goose.” was the answer.
That is a BIG bird. But what could it be? Another thing is notable about this particular “white bird” event, of which there are many at this point… and I pointed this out to Bob as well.
“You know”, I said, “that is the exact same intersection where you witnessed the blue meteor awhile back.”
“I know”, was the answer.


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