Event #102: Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010

Something did happen tonight, and I just discovered it. We had a plumber here today and he had to go up to our master bathroom to replace our sink faucet. So knowing he was coming upstairs, I hid all the paper doll characters and put them in a drawer, along with anything else that looked odd. I could only imagine the conversation he might have with someone after being in our house: “Yeah, they had these paper doll characters of themselves on the dresser – wonder what they do with THOSE!?” The rest of it I kind of squished into a pile so he couldn’t see what it all was, should he have looked, just cause the objects that have accumulated are kind of odd, to say the least. We’ve got a couple of heart-charms now, we have ½ a robin egg, we’ve got the claws to a crawdad… and a few turtle charms, and some paper cutout flowers and leaves. The “jewelry” turtle however, as always, stayed where it was. I also left “Nuttah” out, because not being a paper doll, she just looks like a normal figurine. Although in the back of my mind as I did this was the time that my sister Peg came over. I had put the dolls away then, and yet after I left the room, “I” had somehow re-emerged and was back on the bureau with Nuttah. Luckily though, for this plumber visit, we did not come out… until later.

Nuttah has been keeping rather scarce, and it has been concerning both of us. Nothing of any note has happened in a week, save that weird stomping that Bob heard in the front of the house, and then the big white bird sighting. Anyway, the characters did not move all morning while the plumber was up there. When Bob got home and called me at work, I specifically asked him if “we” were back on the dresser. We were not – it was just Nuttah, he reported. And yet when I got home, I went upstairs to change, and it was different: all 3 of us were now out. Nuttah of course is there, and then me on her right, Bob on her left, and a heart charm points at each of us. She also made an arrangement of the turtles, and of the stone/claws/egg objects, that she put in front of her. So she WAS there. And it must have been after Bob went to bed, or at least after he hung up the phone. I wonder if she also communicated with him? I’ve included a picture of the whole new arrangement here:

Nuttah brings us back out on the dresser from the drawer


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