Event #103: September 11, 2010

I woke up this morning and came down to tell Bob, who was up way ahead of me, that I thought I had some visions to report. At first I just wanted to confirm that “she was there” and he did confirm that on a number of occasions during the night, he was aware of her presence.
“Okay, then,” I said, “I do have some visions to report”.
Bob was anxious to know what these were, as he has been feeling that for some reason, she has not been able to get through to him lately. He blames it on a whack he took on the head in our basement about 2 weeks back or so… these low-slung beams down there can wreak havoc on anyone over a certain height. The previous owner I remember as being very tall, probably a good 6’ 4 or so, and he had all the steel beams lined with round pieces of foam. Some of the foam is still there, but we have lost a few pieces over the years, and the problem is, if you take a really good whack, the foam is not going to protect you that much anyway. And Bob had hit his head hard enough to see stars.

So my visions were as such:
“The first one, I was confused by, because I thought I was seeing the head of a serpent, or snake. Like a very detailed look at its scales and eyes, nose, mouth, etc. – a very close up view. This probably occurred twice… and I didn’t get what it was until this morning, as I’m brushing my teeth it dawned on me:
“Oh, that’s not a serpent, I thought to myself, it’s the head of a turtle.” It was confusing, I guess, because it was separated from the body, or at least that part was not in the detail part of the head.
“Then, there was another one”, I reported.
“I think that there were at least 2 visions, but it’s possible that there were more and I was just not able to interpret them fast enough. The 2nd was a bird image. This was very clear too, like one of the earlier flashes of visions I’d had that was unmistakable. Only I was looking at the bird from below. It was possible that it was a white bird, but the way I was looking at it was as a silhouette from below. In the vision, the bird was dark against a lighter background, like the sky. The outer edges of this vision faded into blackness, but the central part of the vision was light sky, with a very clear image of a soaring bird in the center. The bird had its wings extended; it was definitely a bird on the larger side, like hawk, eagle, raptor, or buzzard kind of bird. That kind of silhouette or shape, not duck, goose, heron, or anything in those families. I don’t remember seeing ‘fingers’ at the end of its wings, but it could have had them.”
Bob speculated for some reason that perhaps I was NOT mistaken about the turtle actually being a snake.
“Why?” I wondered.
“Well, I think there is something going on…” Bob said. “Something where they feel threatened. Did you see anything at all like their lodge, their property”?
“No”, I answered, “but as far as I know I never have. Only last night, the visions seemed to be kind of chaotic, except for the 2 that I was able to pull out that I told you, the rest of it, if it was in fact a vision, would now be as impossible to describe as trying to remember a lost dream.”
(Which reminds me, I had an odd dream after all of this about abandoned cats living under a bridge.)
Bob then said that he has a sense of them, or her, feeling threatened in some way where they are. This does not bode well, and we are more than a little anxious about what might be going on. Although you would think that if it was really bad, she would have imparted that to Bob somehow by now. And that is why he is worried about his whack on the head. He thinks that it’s making it difficult for her to get through to him.
Last night, I gave Kate Part IV to read.


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